Snow Upon Snow

That’s what we got yesterday … more snow … and more in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon …


Here’s what we saw as we were finally able to drive out of our driveway and out to the highway …

Red car is buried with fresh snow …
Nowhere else to dump shoveled snow



Another mountain of snow

I am so done with snow … and we still have five weeks left to spring?  Really?  Doesn’t look like it …





    1. Lucky you! Just a cold spell for the winter in Kathmandu. When I was there in 2008, it was apparently a year when there wasn’t much snow up in the mountains either. I don’t mind a snowstorm or two during the winter season, but this is now coming at us every two to three days!

      1. Hi again Maris. Funny how things go but after I wrote that comment, the next morning the snow line was right down to just above Kathmandu. The surrounding hills were all white and really looked fantastic.

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