Johnson House

Walking around Old Town, there was the general merchandise store – Johnson House.  

What drew me inside was what was on display outside.  If there was one outside, then there had to be more inside.

Walking around inside were period clothing, cowboy hats, mixed in with occasional modern-day hair accessories.  I kept looking for other crocheted pieces, and didn’t see anything until I had made a round of the whole room and on the other side of the room, almost by the exit.  If I had walked clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, I would have found it sooner.  I saw these on display, and thought I was getting closer to more.

What I found instead was this, and my day was made.

Selecting this issue from the basket, I went to the front to pay for it.  Looking at the magazine, the elderly lady dressed in 1800-style fashion asked if I crocheted, or knew how to crochet.  Of course, I replied, and hope that there are good patterns inside the issue, I added.  I then asked her if it was real.  Pulling out the price tag, she said that yes, it was authentic, and that the tag said that it was vintage.  Hmmm … more research for me.

The paper is in good condition, although faded and yellowing.  It does look real, but I’m no expert in vintage documents.  In any case, there’s a whole new world to explore with this find.  What’s inside it?  Read more

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Eggplant Cactus

Walking about Old Town Market San Diego, I turned around and this hit me full on.

Wow!  Was totally fascinated with this.  It was an unusual color – actually, now that I study it more, it has similar colors to an eggplant.  So that’s what I’ll call it until I find out the correct name.
I would have spent more time on this, if my companions weren’t too tired and wanted to get home soon.

These were huge, although it might not show in the photos.  I always forget to take a contrast picture, so that one can see the difference in size.  There were other variations of the plant, which were all equally as fascinating.

Just wish that somebody had dusted the cobwebs off it, but guess that adds to the charm of the plant.

Old Town Market

Behind the main street, we stepped back in time to Old Town Market.

We passed by the stables, the blacksmith … and came upon the saloon.

I almost expected to see horses tied up outside.  In fact I think I did take a second look, just in case.  Must have been the heat, which addled my brain into looking for horses.
The local pottery barn – would have liked to bring those shoes back with me.
And a family of clay fireplaces? clay stoves?

Old Town San Diego

Suitably fed and refreshed, we made our way to Old Town San Diego.   

Upon exiting the freeway (not the highway, I am reminded),  we sort of stumbled on the right road to get there after a couple of turns.  Luckily, we found parking just across from their ‘main street’.

I was told that there had been a lot of work and improvement in Old Town.  It had been cleaned up and there were more stalls and shops.

There weren’t too many people walking around – maybe it was because it was the middle of the afternoon.  Even my companions were fading fast, probably thinking that they could have been home and taking a siesta, instead of in Old Town.

I sit my uncle in front of this drinks stall – maybe he’ll have a drink and cool down, while I walk around.

I pop inside what looks to be the main general souvenir store and was greeted with this.   Funny, but a bit macabre.   Looking around, I saw other items along the lines of skull bracelets, skull heads on walking canes, skull sculptures, etc.  It reminded me of New Orleans.  I didn’t know Old Town also had these in their folk-lore?  Will have to read up on that.

Happily, on the other side of the store, there were other more colourful items for sale.



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Seaport Village

Next stop – the Seaport Village.

For lunch, of course.  Hmmm …. none of us were feeling adventurous to try this out, though.  Maybe next time.  It reminded me of the evening treats in Uganda, though.

A nice place to sit, eat and relax, with the cool ocean breeze.

And then take a walk around to see the rest of the village.

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Fighter Jets over the Beach

As I said in my previous post, I didn’t have much time to sight-see, but did manage to cram in three tourist spots in one day.  I had to drive myself over, of course, but hey! I was a guest after all and borrowing my uncle’s transportation.  So, never mind that they didn’t have a GPS (isn’t it funny how much we depend on that gadget now to get around unfamiliar territory?) and we had to take the route that my uncle was familiar with; or that my aunt and uncle gave me two opposite instructions and directions while I was driving; and we had to stop and ask questions several times; or that we must stop and eat before we move on …. at least I was out of the house and seeing San Diego!


Scene from the bridge to Coronado Island

A quick walk on the beach in Coronado, San Diego.  Only a few walking about at the time, and it was good to be near the water and smell the sea, even for a while.


Two fighter jets flew overhead, while I was there. I snapped away, then thought belatedly if I should be doing that. Visions of being stopped and my camera confiscated flew through my mind as we walked off the beach. But nobody paid any attention, so I guess it was okay.


Lone surfer on the waves.  I would think the water still a bit cold for this, but I guess any time is good for them.


And I wouldn’t mind living in one of these buildings, overlooking the ocean.


Hmmm ….