‘Late Nights’ Done

I’m done with the late night doodles …


I wanted to do a bit more with the middle part, but no ideas were coming to mind.  So apart from a little more shading here and there,  I’ll call this done !


I’m getting closer to what I think of as a mandala.  Maybe the next one …

Oh, and Happy May 1st!


Tiles 2 and 3

These aren’t quite tiles – they’re the 4×6 inch card stock that I got from Michael’s earlier this week.  But I’ll count them as part of the Tile Series, anway.

Working with the Sakura white Gelly Roll, this is what I came up with.  I’m slowly getting the concept and design of a mandala.  These can count as mandalas, right?

Other than for the middle circle – I used a roll of tape to outline the circle – these are all free hand drawings, so again the proportions are off.

I just need to branch out and add a more design elements.

I’m getting there …

Doodles on a Roll …

I’m on a roll … another doodle!  lol

All that means is that we’re back to afternoon meetings, and it’s hard to keep awake when you’ve just had lunch …  *sigh*

On the bright side of this, I’m getting more practice time on my mandalas, which are all hand-drawn and free-wheeling right now.  I’ve seen others where they spend days or weeks on it, and all the lines are precisely drawn.  As you see from mine, it’s full of mistakes, not in proportion and different sizes.

Soon … I’ll come up with a masterpiece that I will be working on forever … like my knit and crochet projects …


We’re back to the hour-long (and sometimes more) meetings … which means some doodling is needed!

Actually, none of the previous doodles has come out any good, my mind is all over the place at the moment.  This is the first one that kind of looks ok.

I really need to start thinking out of the box if I want to make a mandala masterpiece!