Caura River: Dwarfed by Bamboo Trees

Park #1 looked like there were more things to see, so we got out of the car to walk around.  It was still drizzling every now and then, so I was dodging the raindrops as best I can.  The boys went exploring …


There were these huge, tall bamboo trees here …


… really huge …



Too bad it was raining too much that day.  I would have enjoyed walking around more.





A Drive to Mayaro

After the soccer camp in Trinidad and Tobago – that’s what I’m calling it – for Tin, it was hard work – we spent a couple of days at a seaside town called Mayaro.

I enjoyed the drive down – once we were out of the narrow streets with people and cars all over the road.

I loved seeing the tall coconut trees on either side, specially on the sea side.  It was hot outside, but the air was cleaner and fresher.


There’s fewer trees now, hubby says.  Apparently, both sides of the road was thick with coconut trees before.  I forget which it was – a fire or a flood – that damaged the land and the trees.  So this is still in the process of rebuilding the thick grove they used to have.


The sea was frothing at the shores.  Don’t know if you can see it in the picture here, but those white bubbles were not waves breaking on the shore.  Perhaps it was because of some storm system off the shores, or maybe it was pollution, but apparently, when the sea is frothing, they say that the sea is cleaning itself.

Somehow, I liked that.  The phrases come to mind … wash it off … cleanse itself … wash out all the pain and sorrow … flush out the toxins … The sea is cleaning itself, by pushing all the pollution and toxins to the shores …

Wait … but that means that the shores and the land are now polluted?  Or will it be absorbed by the soil, and all is well?  Isn’t it ‘wash out to the seas’,  wash off something?



I guess it works either way for Mother Nature.

Wash off or wash out … Whichever works best for her.



Swirly Tree

Taken from the car window, as we drove by …



Turned out pretty good for a drive-by shooting … hmm, maybe I should change that phrase … Ok, a drive-by photo shooting.  There.  Sounds better, right ?

I haven’t been keeping track of the number of tree posts I’ve made.  A long time ago, when the post ‘365-‘ themes were everywhere – and I’m sure they’re still around – I decided that I would post about trees.  I find them interesting, and always taking pics of them anyway, and figured I would finally complete a ‘365-‘ project.  *sigh*  So now I will review the previous posts and see how many tree posts I actually have.  Shouldn’t take long, right?




Grey Skies on a Sunny Morning

We were looking forward to a weekend tournament in Virginia, thinking that it would be warmer than it is here in NYC.  Wrong ….

We were out on the fields, in blustery winds and 0-20 degree weather in the early mornings … Us parents had three and four and maybe five layers on – the boys had two to three layers … And spring is next week already?  Oh wait … we came back home and there was a nor’easter snowstorm-blizzard waiting for us!  We really are having crazy weather these days, right?

grey skies



I always have exposure and lighting problems with photographing reds.

It comes out as either dark or light, but not the correct shade or tone of the subject, even with a little bit of adjustments.

Our Japanese Maple tree gave me lots of chances at working with reds.



Blowing in the wind …


A dark and light …


This is more the shade of red that was on the tree, but it came out a bit dark … but I like that shade, anyway …


Maybe it didn’t help that I was taking these photos at the end of the day, when the last rays of the day’s sun was slowly going out …




I think I did pretty good this year!