Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

How timely, this week’s photo challenge.

From a recent trip … this was beneath my feet …

At 0-degrees latitude …

I didn’t feel any different, though …


The Equator

I had the whole day to spend in Entebbe before the flight back to New York in the evening.

So I decided I was going to make it to the equator this time.

After a drive that took longer than expected – don’t go through Kampala, the traffic is horrible there – we finally arrived at the Equator.


There was a line of souvenir shops, which I proceeded to visit one by one.  They all sold mostly the same things – wood carvings, the cow horns all polished up, jewelry boxes, mugs, bags, clothing …

 At 0 degrees latitude …



One foot in each hemisphere … south and north …

I watched the demonstrations on the direction water goes down the drain … clockwise and counter-clockwise, and straight down at 0 degrees latitude …


And you can choose in which hemisphere you want to have lunch in …

I might do that next time …

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Several images come to mind when I read about this week’s challenge.  All of them involved birds.

But this one is different … There were hundreds of birds flying around, and sitting on trees and branches …

A tree of his own
A tree of his own

But somehow, he found a tree just for him.  And no other birds came to join him.

And so he sits by himself, up on the top of the tallest tree.


The Year That Was

Snippets from the past year that has stayed on my mind … it’s not too late for this, right?  I started this last week for the Weekly Photo Challenge, but didn’t post in time.  Since I did half the work already, I’ll just post it anyway.

From the Philadelphia Flower Show, these purple, blue and green orchids caught my eye and I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

A couple of weeks later, it was off to the New York Botanical Garden for their annual Orchid Show.

In San Diego, blood oranges and eggplant cactus fascinated me.  Okay, so the proper name for the cactus is Aeonium.  But I like my name better 🙂

Monet’s Gardens – what a treat!  The lilies … the daffodils … the colour explosion

We had soccer tournaments from freezing weather to hot, brutal sun … and I hear there’s more soccer travel planned for this year …

A trip to Dili, Timor-LesteCristu Rei of DiliGeorgina! … AFET Humanitarian and Medical Mission 

Hurricane Sandy
blew away our Halloween and fall season and turned lives upside-down and inside-out …

The end of year and I’m back to Africa  …  the clouds … River Nile watercolour sunsets … did I mention clouds?

From the statistics, this blue-eyed fellow was the most-searched item:

And my personal favourites …  La Morenada

… model flowers and the Volitan Lion Fish

Hope yours was a good year as well.


Three Sunsets in One

My last sunset in Entebbe … and it didn’t disappoint.





It was like three sunsets in one evening … every time I would look up, the colours seemed to change.



And on the other side of the lake, a different reflection …



All with that same water-colour wash effect …




I’ll really miss these sunsets …



Sunset on the Old Year

Where has all the time gone?
In between the travelling and catching up with life once back home, it’s suddenly the last day of the year!

I have all these posts in my head that I’ve been planning … and not one of them has made it to blogland before the end of the year.  Perhaps a new resolution should be to be more spontaneous … not to take too much time planning these posts …



You have been great friends to keep up with me and my intermittent postings, and I hope to see you all back here during the next year.

Here’s wishing all a healthy, safe and happy new year.

See you in 2013 !




The Bucker Jungmeister

As the Sukois were finishing up their display, the next flight act was announced. DS2_3219 Captain Howard Davenport was getting ready to take off in his Bucker Jungmeister.  With the lead-up to this next act, I figure it had to be something important.  After all, with the exception of the air force jet and the Sukois, Capt. Davenport, the flying ace, seemed to have piloted most of the planes for the show. DS2_3244



Is he flying upside down in this?  But of course, he is.



I didn’t know I was watching a renowned and famous pilot.  Read more about Capt. Howard Davenport and his Bucker Jungmeister here.