A productive 4-hour meeting … for doodles!  lol

Maybe because it’s almost the end of the year, and suddenly they’re scheduling all the meetings …

I seem to be stuck on the same patterns, but I also had to listen to the discussions, and didn’t want to think too much.  Isn’t that the purpose of doodling? Just to draw, without thinking?

Shading will come next … maybe in the next meeting … or during  the few minutes a day that I take to give myself a break from staring at the computer monitor.  The only problem with that is that I’ll take more than a few minutes of break, because I’ll be immersed in the shading and drawing …

Oh well … it’s the end of year.





Winter Comes 

Actually, it’s been here, for several days.

Cold winds suddenly blew in, and temperatures dropped down 30 degrees,maybe more.

And … it’s the holiday season and the end of year … and there’s no Christmas decorations in the house.  It suddenly sneaked up on us, hubby said.  No, I replied, we heard enough from the media about Christmas coming, and we see the dates on the calendar … we just don’t pay enough attention to the days, and we just keep on going, from home to work to soccer to sports to groceries to home …  By the time we settle down, it is Christmas Day …

So … slow down, even for a bit … Enjoy the holiday season.





Weaving for a Better Life

Something to think about …
Why do we haggle so much to lower the price of souvenirs to the lowest we can get?
I mean, I know why, but looking at it from the other side, what they craft is also their livelihood … and a tourist purchasing as a souvenir doesn’t help if they sell it for less than half their price … hmmmm ….

Colouring With Yarn

I was in this area years ago, but was not interested in weaving yet – only the finished product.  I was gifted a beautiful jacket, purchased tablecloth sets, a lapghan, drawn by the vibrant colours and patterns.

Now I want to go back there and spend some time watching and learning what they do. They spin and dye their own yarn, and weave the cloth.


I wish there was more footage of the actual weaving, but the message they bring as well is important – as tourists interested in purchasing a ‘souvenir’, we shouldn’t haggle it down to the cheapest price.  This is, after all, their livelihood, and as they said, they will never go beyond poverty if we are paying for less.

And what about all the discussions I see on the knit and crochet forums, the indignant posts about how their handmade items are worth the price…

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Your Hobby is Action …

I blogged about hobby collection and accumulation on my crafts blog, but this also applies to everything.
It’s not limited to collecting and accumulating for hobbies – it applies to the new trends or fads as well.
We have gadgets in the house that have been used once, twice, and then back in the box. The new flashy accessory, the ‘seen on tv’ gadgets, etc. They may not be part of a set, that could sort of qualify as a ‘collection’. Sometimes it’s just the mentality of looking for the next new excitement. And so things accumulates … and takes over the garage, the basement, the closets, the spare bedroom …
Time to clean house and start discarding extra items ….

Colouring With Yarn

This popped up on my Facebook feed … and I immediately thought of yarn stashes.  Ok, so my yarn stash, specifically, and am I really collecting, or just accumulating?

” Your Hobby is Action, Not Accumulation “

But when I buy yarn, I’m not buying yarn to add to a collection, but to add to the ‘To-Be-Used’ pile to use for the ‘To-Try-This-Pattern’ list …


But I totally see where you cross over the line of accumulating, and not enough of the action, and you don’t even realize it.  
I wrote before that I felt that I’ve ‘graduated’ to the next level of yarn fibers … that I was ready to try new patterns that would mean a different set of fibers and yarn weights to use, if I wanted my finished projects to look like the photos in the patterns.
I’m moving away from the acrylics – not completely…

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On Display 

I came upon an art exhibit/fashion show this morning, on the way to work.

This was at the United Nations General Assembly building, where the Heidi Latsky Dance Company had set up an exhibit to highlight the differences that draws attention among us.

I thought at first it was that mannequin challenge.  But upon drawing closer, you begin to notice that it was a little different from the mannequin challenge.


Some differences are noticeable right away.  Others will make you look twice and look hard to see what is different.

There were many that we couldn’t tell just by looking at them what their disability was, or maybe it was internal, and not visible.

And there was a certain bit of discomfort in taking their photos.  Do they feel the same discomfort, I wonder?  I see the quick glances and averted looks from the onlookers, not wanting to make eye contact.

I wonder what they think, when they see us, the public, looking and studying them?

And I ask myself too, if I would be as brave, to sit or stand there and have other people look at me to see what makes me different from others.