Purple Veins

This caught my eye immediately when I saw it.

It was such a bright splash of colour on an overcast day.  I couldn’t remember if I’d seen this before, but it didn’t matter.

Not quite the macro shots that I wanted, but these didn’t turn out so bad.


Have a good weekend, all.


Daily Prompt: Tree

via Daily Prompt: Tree

Tree …

One of my regular models as I practise photography, in all seasons …


A regular subject for practising drawing or just plain doodles … I’m always trying to recreate the patterns of the limbs and branches, or trying to find the best angle to photograph to show off that part of twists and turns that caught my eye …



Drawing by Hugh Sullivan 


Nostalgia … By the Pool

A couple of years ago, my brother unearthed a treasure trove of old slides from our early years in Nigeria.  Impatient to see what they showed and not having slide projectors on hand, he somehow improvised with what he had to see what memories they would hold.

This is my favourite photo, taken by my father.

My brother  and I, sitting on an inner tube, sitting by the pool.

This was in our early years in Nigeria, and no doubt we were still adjusting to suddenly living in a foreign country, and the way of life, and staring at everything … Although being kids, I’m sure we behaved exactly the same as we always did and didn’t think twice that we were on a different continent.

This was taken a half century ago.  But each time I look at the photo, it just makes me happy .. and nostalgic for the way we were.


Reflections …

With the start of the new season, and the ensuing chaos and hectic schedules, of all the events that marks this month, it is the memorial service for a good family friend and the chance to meet old friends.

Is this a reflection of our times?  That it would only be under sad circumstances that we would meet old friends again?  And as we take leave of one another, there will be the usual round of “Let’s not take so long to see each other again … let’s meet for lunch … dinner … go to that event … or just coffee.”

It hasn’t happened … yet.  Perhaps it’s too soon … But yes, we really should take the time to meet up, even for no other reason than just to re-connect …

So go ahead.  Don’t just text, or call, or Facebook connect … Go and meet a friend, and connect face to face.  You’ll feel better I promise.

Good weekend, all.





Almost a Mandala

I’m still working on drawing a ‘real’ mandala.

I keep getting side-tracked.  I start out with an idea for a finished product, and somewhere along the way, the design changes.  Either I change my mind, or I forget what I had planned to do.


That’s ok … one day I’ll settle down long enough to come up with a real mandala drawing.




It’s Fall … or Summer Extended

The calendar says it’s the first day of fall, or autumn.  The temperatures say it’s still summer.  No matter.  We can extend summer a few more weeks, I don’t mind.

Is it only me, or are the days going by faster and faster?  Is it me not managing my time and schedule efficiently, or are there less hours in a day?  I really don’t know where the time goes.  We seem to be spinning around and around and the march of time is measured by the changing seasons and schedules, and yet I don’t feel that we’ve even stayed long enough in one season, and the next one is upon us.

I’ve also realized that one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged much is because I’ve become predictable.  Just like the changing seasons, you know what I’m going to write about … the hectic and chaos of schedules, the new school year, the sports season … And yet, that is what life is all about at the moment … there’s not much going on, in between running between home, school, work, soccer games, home, school, work …

Oh, we did manage a two-week beach vacation .. yeah!!


… which didn’t stop the boys pokemon-huntingPokemon-hunting everywhere on the island … you’ve heard of this game, right?  lol

They even went riding all around the island to hit all those Poke-stops and catch those creatures …

I didn’t mind … that kept them busy, and I was left to my reading, crocheting, knitting and just plain being a beach bum .. We need that sometimes, don’t we?


Here’s hoping that the last quarter of the year doesn’t go so fast …








The ‘Ber Months are Here !

These days are really going too fast … It’s September  already!

I’m not done with summer yet!  I want one more day at the beach … I haven’t finished everything on the to-do list for summer … I’m not ready for cold weather again …

So I’m just going to sit down and try to slow it down a bit and doodle …

Hmmm … those lines don’t look even  … it’s going to be another freehand doodle, and maybe in the end it’ll all look even …