Eclipse Monday

Here’s my best photos, taken with the iPhone.

I used the eclipse glasses to take the dark photo, at the beginning of the eclipse here in NYC.

The next ones came out blurry, then I tried to take one without the glasses. I forgot to zoom in, but you can see a little sliver if the eclipse.

It didn’t turn as dark as I thought it would be. I thought it might sort of be twilight-dark at the peak here, but there wasn’t much difference in the lighting.

As we left, I took another one. Can’t remember if this was directly with the lens, or the selfie mode.

But I see a little blue dot, with an eclipse. Is that the moon? And the bight ball in front is the sun? Still trying to figure it out … What do you think?

How was your Eclipse Monday? Got any good shots of it?


‪World Environment week … Save Our Oceans .. I Live By the Sea

More on the #SaveOurOceans exhibition.

A youth photography contest to show where they live, by the sea.   And they have some great photos there, better than what I could have taken.

Like this – my favourite … ‘Perpetual Pleading’ … and the Baltic Sea one …



LoL … yes, Hubby did always say that crabs were aliens.  I should show this to him …


Sad to see the effects of pollution on the waters and oceans …

I shall be more mindful of cleaning up after myself when at the beach.


‪World Environment Week … Art to Save the Seas ‬

It’s ‪World Environment Week , with a Save Our Oceans theme.

There are several exhibitions going on, but I haven’t seen all of them.  Here’s just a few that I saw, on my hurried way to work.  And what a way to get our attention!

Here’s Nora the Salmon 🙂

I was drawn to her, out of the three sculptures.  Something about her rising above the pollution … or maybe all those shiny parts on her body.



I liked Stella the Seahorse as well.  Didn’t find her as dramatic as Nora the Salmon, though.



And Grace the Humpback Whale … well, I guess the tail is really the most recognizable part, isn’t it?


If our children, and children’s children, and their children are to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts to us, we really do need to start cleaning up now.

We don’t think much of it, but those plastic bags and lines, garbage and trash, other objects foreign to the seas are destroying the planet.

I can’t think of a time where our children or grandchildren will not be able to enjoy running on a sandy beach in the warm sunshine.

Can you?





Traffic was a mess on the highway.  It was at a standstill.  It was inching forward.  Then a standstill again.  Thinking that it might be faster to detour through the city streets – into more traffic and traffic lights – we got off on the next exit.

Driving through, I hoped for traffic, so that I would have more time to take pictures of the changing landscape of the city.  So much has been done to clean up the streets.  Now there were murals on the buildings, like this.

And interesting food places … I wonder what was going to be paired with the fried chicken … or not …


I didn’t like this … dark and creepy …


… and daily life on the walls …


There were many more, but traffic was moving … drats!

Maybe next time.


Morningside Park

After eating, we went back to Morningside Park, where the Harlem EatUp was held.  We decided to walk around a bit before heading on home.  It turned out that we just climbed and walked across the park (two blocks) to the street where we could get to where the car was parked.  Oh well … That was the exercise for the day 🙂

A lake in the park …

Up the stairs …

To the street behind St. John the Divine’s Cathedral, and a peacock on the cathedral grounds …

View of the Harlem EatUp tents from the street above …


We’ll explore the other parts of the park some other time.



Harlem Eat-Up

A late post .. .the Harlem Eat-up was held last May, and since we had a soccer-free weekend, I told the boys that we should go into the city and see what this Eat-Up was about.

This was the second year the event was held, and from the photos from last year’s event, it looked like this was something good to check out.  And of course .. food!!  Who can’t resist a free tasting, specially from well-known chefs and eating establishments?

So off we went on a day-trip to the city …


The premise is that you would be able to taste samples of dishes from the participating restaurants and eateries, get to meet some of the guest chefs, have a glass of wine as you walked around … Sounds good, right?  We stood in line, and found out that we were in the ‘paid’ line.  If we didn’t want to pay, the other side of the area was the free zone that we could walk around.  Well, since none of us drink alcohol, we thought that paying $80 for taste samples was a bit too much, because even if we ate at a high-end restaurant, we would’t be paying $80 per person for dinner.  So we went to the free area …

Here’s what you get for walking around in the free area …

That’s Mr. Cory, the young entrepreneur behind Mr. Cory’s Cookies.  No free tastings, but you can buy a bag of cookies for $5.

There were free tastings here at the natural shakes.  None at the ice cream carts.  They had some really interesting flavour combinations, though.  We would have wanted to taste a sample first before deciding to pay $5 for a scoop …

Some art work to admire …

Handicrafts … healthy sign-ups … a free umbrella with a paid subscription …

Here’s the best part … face painting !!  And it was free!

But we were hungry, so we decided to go uptown to sit at a restaurant … We ended up at Sylvia’s; the boys didn’t find anything on the menu they wanted to try at the Red RoosterSylvia‘s was okay.  We honestly didn’t find anything out of the ordinary on the menu either for the prices we paid … And yes, it was less than the $80 per person to pay for tastings … Maybe the tasting would have been more satisfying than the meal … hmmm …. something to think about for the next time …

Oh yes!  We did see some chefs at the EatUp …

And that was our experience at the Harlem EatUp.  I don’t know if we’ll go again next year, if they hold it again.  Or maybe the sample tastings and wine would be more enjoyable with a group of friends, instead of just the family … We’ll see how we feel next year.

If you were at the EatUp, how did you find it?








Pink Cabbage

Pink cabbages!

Ok, so they’re not really cabbages.  But they’re the cabbage flower plants, or the flowering cabbage.

Not sure if they’re the same as the ornamental cabbage, but may be in the same family.  Wish I’d noticed that pink and purple one on the left for a better picture.

Not the usual or traditional autumn/fall colours, but it certainly adds another splash of colour to add to the shades of autumn.