Checking Out Designs

So … it must be a rite of passage that sometime, sooner or later, boys (and gals) will think about getting tattoos .  hmmmm …

Not a fan of tattoos, myself.  The art of the tattoos, yes.  The body canvas … not so much.

Talk about it comes up once in a while … ‘Right, Mom?  We’re going to get tattoos?’ … and they’ll get an eye-roll in return from me.

So as we were walking up and down the Hollywood sidewalk – we literally walked about three miles that night – from the parking lot about a mile down, to the center and beyond, and back again … whew … yes, well, this sidewalk stall caught Tin’s eye, and he stopped to flip through their binder.


These were the brush-on ones, similar to those he’s had from time to time when he was younger.

I told him that I could probably doodle some designs and I have a drawing book for him to look through and consider.

I got an eye-roll from him … lol





Hollywood Agent


I call this pose the Hollywood Agent on the Phone.



Tin got a phone call as we looked  around, and as I turned, this was the pose.

In his head, he was probably telling me to stop taking photos of him 🙂

Teenagers *smh*



Tourists for a Day

Since we were on the west coast anyway, I told the boys that we should try and see more of California than just the soccer fields.  And so we took a day trip to Los Angeles after the tournament was done, and became tourists for a day.

Of course, we hit the traditional tourist spots …

… the Hollywood sign.  Yes, we tried to get as close to it as we can, barring taking a hike up the mountains …


I think we got close enough …


… walking on stars …



… checking out the night lights …


… and some ‘drawings’ … hmmmm ….



Wait … I can show him my doodles and drawings, if he wants ideas …