Seeing Orange

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Post about orange?

Let’s see … Of course, there’s always the brilliant orange hues of fall and autumn …


And last year, I had posted about orange, because I was seeing orange everywhere I looked that day.


I don’t usually think of orange when choosing colours for knit and crochet projects, unless it’s a variegated yarn with orange in it, or I use it as an accent colour.

And Mother Nature provides enough orange beauty around us …


And that’s my orange-y post.





Daily Prompt: Leaf

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Yes … one of my favourite models at this time of the year.  Although it would seem that all photos of the changing colours of fall will look the same every year, there’s going to be that one leaf that will be different …. like this.


This plant has been in the backyard forever, so I don’t know why I never noticed the not-so-traditional fall colours before.  Maybe there was something different in the air last year, and these colours came out instead of the oranges and yellows.


I’m going to keep a lookout for them this year … maybe they’ll turn these colours again 🙂