Daily Prompt: Leaf

via Daily Prompt: Leaf

Yes … one of my favourite models at this time of the year.  Although it would seem that all photos of the changing colours of fall will look the same every year, there’s going to be that one leaf that will be different …. like this.


This plant has been in the backyard forever, so I don’t know why I never noticed the not-so-traditional fall colours before.  Maybe there was something different in the air last year, and these colours came out instead of the oranges and yellows.


I’m going to keep a lookout for them this year … maybe they’ll turn these colours again 🙂



May Flowers

And we’re in the month of May …

We’re so looking forward to the spring weather, but it only shows up every once in a while.  A day of sunshine and warmth, and then a 20-30 degree drop in temperature overnight and into the next day or two or three …

I was looking forward to the flowering of the dogwood tree in the garden.  And yes, the flowers are the same, and look the same year after year, but I think that maybe there may be a bunch that’s different from the last year that I can take photos of …

And I thought that I would have a couple of hours in the afternoon during the weekend to spend some time with it, but an overnight frost blew in during the week, and now they’re starting to wilt …

They haven’t even had the chance to fully bloom and change to a deeper pink hue 😦

*sigh* What to do?

I took pictures, of course!

How’s your spring coming along?