It’s Summer Today!¬†

Temperatures might drop again next week but we’ve got hot sunshine today. 

So we left work an hourly early to enjoy the sunshine ūüė¨


May Flowers

And we’re in the month of May …

We’re so looking forward to the spring weather, but it only shows up every once in a while. ¬†A day of sunshine and warmth, and then a 20-30 degree drop in temperature overnight and into the next day or two or three …

I was looking forward to the flowering of the dogwood tree in the garden. ¬†And yes, the flowers are the same, and look the same year after year, but I think that maybe there may be a bunch that’s different from the last year that I can take photos of …

And I thought that I would have a couple of hours in the afternoon during the weekend to spend some time with it, but an overnight frost blew in during the week, and now they’re starting to wilt …

They haven’t even had the chance to fully bloom and change to a deeper pink hue ūüė¶

*sigh* What to do?

I took pictures, of course!

How’s your spring coming along?



New Runnings

New experiences … outdoor track meets.

Tin participated in the winter indoor track, to keep in shape since his soccer team wasn’t playing much last year. ¬†Turned out that many of the athletes were also filling in the time by running.

Well, it turned out that Tin liked running.  He was fast, and could hold his own.  And of course, there was the challenge of catching that other runner ahead of him.

Our first outdoor meet turned out nice, weather-wise.  A little breezy, but the sun was out, and it was warm.

High-tech running shoes … See that dial on the sides? ¬†That’s to tighten the wire-thin ‘laces’. ¬†They looked more like strips of nylon thread. ¬†Dial right to tighten the laces; pull it out to ‘undo’ the laces. ¬†High-tech indeed.

The next day, he had a soccer game.  Again, warm weather.  Dare we hope that spring is really staying?

And of course, after the game, the boys were hungry.  And while walking on the sidewalk, they came upon a vendor selling icees and fresh mango Рso they got two bags of pickled mango.

Yes … spring and summer are here …


Murder and Round and Round

Round and round we go … What I’m doing with this, I don’t know. ¬†But I’ll keep on going. Eventually something comes out of the meandering scribbles …

I should plan on making one big, elaborate mandala one day … soon …

And Real Fact #1407 is about crows and murder. ¬†No, I haven’t googled all the Real Facts yet. ¬†I think I like finding out about facts when I open the bottle. ¬†Or maybe I should print out a list and strike off what I’ve come across … hmm … Ok, I’m going to google Real Facts now.


Good and safe weekend, all.


007 and Other Musings

Read this on the Snapple top, about where 007 came from.

So how did it end up with a British secret agent? ¬†Hmmmm ………..

How many Snapple ‘real facts’ are there, anyway? ¬†Going to google that …

And more doodles … during a presentation …

I feel that this week is moving slowly, I don’t know why.

Scarves and hats are out again. ¬†Two days into spring, and we’re having 20-degree weather. ¬†But the weekend is in the 60’s – yeah !

An office colleague told me that he doesn’t focus on the weekend, because it’s only two days out of the week. ¬†So he chooses to focus on the five (work) days. ¬†Then it’s not too bad that there’s only two days for the weekend. ¬†I sort of get it, and I don’t. ¬†I’ll think about that another time.

How’s your week going?



A Spot of Blue

Happy First Day of Spring !

Yes, it’s spring today – it’s supposed to be warmer today (with a cold wind). ¬†But there’s a forecast of snow for Wednesday, so we’ll see how long that will last …

More meetings … more doodles …


And a spot of blue …

There’s something, just out of reach of my mind, that I want to do with the black stars ¬†… I can’t quite grasp what it is, but it’s there …¬†Maybe the spot of blue will help, jog my subconscious, or something.

Happy Spring Day, all !



The Magnolias are Out!

The ever faithful magnolias were out and blooming last weekend.

DS2_0949 (1)

I took the opportunity to visit them, as they don’t seem to last long in this weather …


The next day, the rains came ….


… with strong winds …


Many petals are all over the ground now … but¬†this year I was able to enjoy taking their pictures before they were gone.