Caura River: Abandoned Building

We drove back towards Parks 1 and 2 to see what it was like.

It was still raining, so we just drove through Park 2 and didn’t get out of the car to walk around.

This abandoned building was by the entrance.



A little history lesson …


Not much else to see there, so we drove on to Park 1.



Darkening Skies

The rain storm is coming ….


Wish I was home already … under the bed covers … Listening to the rain fall …

Buildings Within Buildings

I looked up at the sky and saw buildings within buildings.


We don’t take a second look at these glass structures as we walk on the sidewalks.  We breeze by them, enter the door, exit through the other door.  They’re just objects out on the street, in this concrete jungle maze, day in and day out.



Step back once in a while and look up.  After all, a lot of us spend most of our day in them.  We might as well know what they look like from the outside!