Sunrise Mandalas

I sat on the beach, waiting for the sunrise, and got restless.  There was only so much experimenting I could do with the camera settings – if I got one decent photo of the sunrise, then good.

So I started drawing in the sand.  IMG_4300

I had always wanted to draw something in the sand as a souvenir or memory of our stay on the sand.  I thought about the footprints in the sand, when the boys were still young, but they couldn’t-wouldn’t stand still.  They didn’t sit long enough for the date-and-place scribbles either.  I figured I would know from the photos where we were, anyway.

I didn’t think about just drawing anything, and certainly not about mandalas, even though I had been doodling and drawing those since I was young.  So now, I try to remember to draw simple mandalas on whatever beach we are on.

Which reminds me – when going through old, old photos from an old chocolate tin can, I knew that if I flipped the photo over I would see my father’s or mother’s writing on the back, identifying the date and place of the photo taken.  Good to see my father’s writing once in a while – big, bold strokes.  My boys’ writing is small and cramped, no matter how many times I tell them to write bigger.  Anyways … I digress again.

I continued to draw in the sand as the sun came up over the horizon, stopping now and then to take pictures.   Unconsciously, I had also drawn a sunrise on the sand.


How cool is that! Actually, I didn’t know what else to do, and the squiggly lines started out with another design in mind, that just went on its own.

Inspired, I drew another mandala.  But then the sun got hotter, and it was time to go in for breakfast.


Yes, it was a good sunrise. 🙂



Mandalas Sidetracked

So … after the excitement of discovering 100 Mandalas, and that there was a purpose to my doodling and the mandalas fit that purpose, I tried my hand at some simple circles, and came up with this.

Nyehh … Nothing much – my hands automatically draw the same lines and patterns.  Hmmm … I’m going to have to get a compass as well – we can’t have odd-looking circles for mandalas, can we?  And a bigger sketchbook …

But then, Curls & Q introduced me to Ornate Creation (on Facebook), run by Ben Kwok.  Wow.  There are so many others out there doodling. Oh, I know that there are other people who doodle, and I see some of my doodle design elements out there. But seeing them all in one group, and looking at all their doodling, which are all fantastic and I don’t know if I’ll make anything good like theirs, but  … it’s like I found another niche to fit in.  So I flipped the page in the sketchbook, and came up with these instead – quick freehand line drawings.  It’s still not looking what I think it should look like.  Will have to doodle some more.

And I really like this pattern, but then drew a blank and didn’t know what to do next … I’m going to have to experiment with this again.


And to show that I’m obsessed with this now, I’ve already stayed up past midnight, with more ideas running through my mind …


Oh – the mandalas are not forgotten.  I purchased some books, to read up on them.  Can’t believe I haven’t kept up with this, to keep it all in one sketchpad instead of post-it notes and margins in notebooks.  I’ve been doodling these since I was in grade school – I walked around with a notebook and just filled it with rows and rows of borders and doodlings … Well, we shall remedy that now, won’t we?