Spicy Chocolate !

Ummm … no.


And I will definitely not be eating that chocolate.

And I can’t believe they actually have a whole store dedicated to all things hot and spicy … bottles of ghost pepper extracts and mixes, and other variations.

Hubby picked up a bottle of the Carolina Reaper, said to be the spiciest pepper in the world right now, see-sawing with the Scorpion pepper – which we have already, being that it’s from Trinidad and Tobago.  He can get those at any time, and he says it’s the best, because even if it is super spicy, it brings out the flavours of the food, and enhances the taste.  I don’t think he’s tried the Carolina Reaper yet, probably waiting for the right time and cuisine to eat it with.

Me?  I stay away from those.  Just catching a whiff of it will clear my nose and send me into a coughing fit.  A micro-drop to give a little zing to the food is enough.  But if it’s at the point that it burns my tongue and I don’t taste food any more, then sorry.  The dinner can be made by a master chef, and I won’t even touch it.  Because, really – how does one enjoy food and eating if your tongue and throat is burning?  I don’t understand that, but to each his own.

How about you?  How much spicy pepper can you take?






Rrrelll Hot

Waiting for the roti to be prepared at a West Indian restaurant, I looked around and saw bottles on the counters.

Pepper sauce.  All kinds of pepper sauce and combinations of pepper sauce in levels of hot, or spiciness.


I guess the pepper sauce is regular hot.  Then there’s ‘seriously hot’.  And then Rrrelll Hot.  I found that funny.  But I wasn’t trying it.


Charles says that he hasn’t found a pepper sauce yet that he couldn’t take, so I pointed these out to him, but he didn’t feel for pepper at that time.  See that bottle at the end, the one with a triple ‘X’ on it?  He said that he wasn’t even going to try that one to find out how hot it is.  He didn’t trust any bottle with just a piece of paper stuck on the outside, and where you can’t see the liquid or the contents of the bottle.


Me?  This is as near as I’m getting to these hot sauces … Not even going to try a micro-dot of it. Just looking at it makes my tongue burn already.  I’ll leave that for you adventurous foodies out there.

What’s the hottest pepper sauce you’ve tried?