‪World Environment Week … Art to Save the Seas ‬

It’s ‪World Environment Week , with a Save Our Oceans theme.

There are several exhibitions going on, but I haven’t seen all of them.  Here’s just a few that I saw, on my hurried way to work.  And what a way to get our attention!

Here’s Nora the Salmon 🙂

I was drawn to her, out of the three sculptures.  Something about her rising above the pollution … or maybe all those shiny parts on her body.



I liked Stella the Seahorse as well.  Didn’t find her as dramatic as Nora the Salmon, though.



And Grace the Humpback Whale … well, I guess the tail is really the most recognizable part, isn’t it?


If our children, and children’s children, and their children are to enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts to us, we really do need to start cleaning up now.

We don’t think much of it, but those plastic bags and lines, garbage and trash, other objects foreign to the seas are destroying the planet.

I can’t think of a time where our children or grandchildren will not be able to enjoy running on a sandy beach in the warm sunshine.

Can you?





Fishing in Low Tide

The road to the Tibar Beach Resort, just outside of the city of Dili, is a nice drive along the coast.  It is owned by a Timorese husband and wife team, who returned from Australia and set up the resort.  The restaurant is well-known for its fine cuisine and beautiful views.

The sea was at low tide.  This is the view from the balcony of the restaurant.

In the distance, I see spots out in the sea.

Villagers, going out to fish.

Hmmm ….. run aground? stranded?

This guy had the right idea … relax under a tree at the height of the heat of the day …