Swirly Tree

Taken from the car window, as we drove by …



Turned out pretty good for a drive-by shooting … hmm, maybe I should change that phrase … Ok, a drive-by photo shooting.  There.  Sounds better, right ?

I haven’t been keeping track of the number of tree posts I’ve made.  A long time ago, when the post ‘365-‘ themes were everywhere – and I’m sure they’re still around – I decided that I would post about trees.  I find them interesting, and always taking pics of them anyway, and figured I would finally complete a ‘365-‘ project.  *sigh*  So now I will review the previous posts and see how many tree posts I actually have.  Shouldn’t take long, right?





Jumping from Cliffs …

… into the Pacific Ocean is prohibited, we learned.


So it made me wonder if jumping into the Atlantic Ocean is legal?

Hmmmm ….




I always have exposure and lighting problems with photographing reds.

It comes out as either dark or light, but not the correct shade or tone of the subject, even with a little bit of adjustments.

Our Japanese Maple tree gave me lots of chances at working with reds.



Blowing in the wind …


A dark and light …


This is more the shade of red that was on the tree, but it came out a bit dark … but I like that shade, anyway …


Maybe it didn’t help that I was taking these photos at the end of the day, when the last rays of the day’s sun was slowly going out …




I think I did pretty good this year!



It’s Blazing Reds

It’s September in November … the weather, that is.

We’re getting unseasonable warm weather – although it drops about 10-15 degrees through the weekend – but for now, it’s nice and warm.  Wish it would last longer.

The trees continue to go through their colour changes.  Here’s my perennial Japanese maple tree in the front yard, changing colours everyday.  

This was taken in early morning, and the shadows and maybe my camera phone settings made it purplish.  I like that effect, though.

This is a more realistic colour for the tree – the range of reds from dark to light.

Oh, I still see touches of purple on this one!  I really like that combination …

Dramatic shadows …

red tree3

… blazing oranges

red tree1

… I wish this would last a while longer …

red tree2

Sit Back and Relax

And this is why I’ve been quiet recently …

Secluded beach … spotty wifi … an hour’s drive to a proper town … Yep … just going to sit and relax for now …

I’ll see you all in a bit soon …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature Prevails

The weekly photo challenge, ‘Forces of Nature’, reminded me of this.

A backstreet in Port-au-Prince, Haiti …

Even as man attempts to find a way to make life easier with a more direct route, nature has its way …


Humans will need to find a way around nature … This tree is going to stay where it is …