Friday Doodles

Keeping awake in a town hall meeting ūüė¨

Good weekend, all!


‘Late Nights’ Done

I’m done with the late night doodles …


I wanted to do a bit more with the middle part, but no ideas were coming to mind. ¬†So apart from a little more shading here and there, ¬†I’ll call this done !


I’m getting closer to what I think of as a mandala. ¬†Maybe the next one …

Oh, and Happy May 1st!

Too Much Time in the Office

I was stuck late in the office a couple of nights ago, waiting for Hubby to finish working on reports to meet a deadline. ¬†I didn’t have any deadlines to meet, and I didn’t want to work any more. ¬†My brain had already shut off at 5 pm, so it wasn’t accepting reading any work emails, anyway.

But my fingers wanted to be doing something. ¬†I did have a crochet project with me, but I didn’t want to work on it. ¬†I wasn’t feeling it – it’s probably going to be frogged and I will be looking for another pattern to work on.

So I started doodling. ¬†Well, I guess you could call this ‘structured’ doodling, because I was using a ruler, and trying to measure out equal spaces free hand (no protractor on hand). ¬† I thought maybe I could come up with a decent mandala this time, I had all the time to work on it now.

I had something in mind, but I forgot what I wanted to do by the time I started drawing. ¬†I wasn’t planning on any shading until I had finished drawing it out, but then there was a little mistake here and there, so I started to draw over the lines, and now there’s shading.



This is how far I’ve gotten. ¬†I’ve cleaned it up a bit,¬†and will start shading and blacking, until I decide whether to cover up the whole sheet, or stop here. ¬†It’s not perfectly round with symmetrical designs – so much for drawing lines and measuring out spaces, lol – ¬†but I’m getting there.

Have a good weekend, everybody!







New Look and Shading

It’s that time again …

When I feel the need to change up everything … a fresh look, a different look … maybe the same look. ¬†I’ve been trying out the free themes available on WordPress … There’s a log of food, weddings and business portfolios themes. Oh, there’s photography too, but since I’m not getting much done with that recently and nothing to showcase, I’m not even looking at those. ¬†I have an idea of what I want, but I’m not seeing it so far. ¬†By the time this post is up and posted, I would have decided on the new theme … maybe.

Here’s some new doodles. ¬†I’ve always wanted to fill up a page with tangles, but my brain hasn’t come out of the box yet, and it’s still insisting on some sort of structure. ¬†I’m trying again with flowers and flora, if I can get something going.

This is what I started a couple of weeks ago … I started a bit of shading and filling in the white space, thinking that I was ‘done’ with the drawing.

And this is now. ¬†Not sure why I fill the need to completely cover the page. ¬†Because I don’t have to, of course. ¬†A little negative space here and there is perfectly acceptable, to bring out the patterns and the shading.

But no … I’m still adding little circles here and there. ¬†Maybe I should start shading, so that I don’t over-shade … Does that make sense?



Doodles at Night

My mind could not settle down. ¬†I could’t sleep.

I picked up the crochet project.  After finishing a row, I put that down.

I picked up the knit project.  After finishing a round, I put that down as well.

So I picked up pen and paper instead.

The nearest one to me was the black paper and white and grey Sakura gelly pens.  That would do.

I started on my new obsession – dots and circles. ¬†And this other petal-like pattern that I fall into. ¬†This is as far as I got, because I had to get to bed to be able to get up the next morning for work. ¬†This thing called ‘work’ – it really gets in the way at times, doesn’t it?

The next night, I had to pick up the doodles again. ¬†My mind wasn’t any clearer, with a million and one things still zinging around. But now the drawing was taking over.


I drew this mostly with the grey pen, with a mind to outline or insert white highlights at certain points. ¬† Don’t know yet – maybe tonight I’ll have a different idea. Or maybe I’ll fall asleep …



First commission …

Sort of … On the flight to Kinshasa, I started doodling on this while catching up with the audiobook. As we landed, the young lady beside me commented and said that it was nice. As we started to deplane, she asked if she could have it. 

Huh? I’d barely started on it. On the ground waiting to be cleared at immigrations, she came looking for me. 

It’s not finished, and it’s one panel of four on the sheer, I showed her. She took the sheet and opened it out. 

Oh, she said. I want the whole thing. 

Hmmm …. Ok, let me finish it first and then I’ll send it to you wherever you are. 

So – a race against time, to finish this before I leave the Comgo … 


Almost Mirror Images 

I took a break from knitting and crocheting and had an inspiration to draw a mandala on this big, old newsprint pad I found in one of the conference rooms.  It had been sitting there in the corner for ages, it seems, and was faded, giving it a nice vintage look.  

The mandala I started drawing wasn’t coming out in a decent circle (I may still try to salvage it at another time), so I turned the sheet over to just draw lines. I forget what these are called, I’m sure there’s a name for this doodle. 

I had to fold the sheet, so that I would have a manageable size to work with, so unfortunately there are going to be creases.  I started to doodle, and just went from one panel to the next, wherever my pen took me. And when I finally opened out the sheet, this is what it looked like ….

Almost mirror images …  Unconsciously following the same twists and turns, even when working on just one panel at a time …. Amazing how the brain works, isn’t it? 

Now … How to fill in all that space ….