Trying to Settle Down

Oh wow … I skipped through all of July without blogging !

I think I’m getting old … I can’t keep up with all the activities any more … I tried quick posts on Facebook and Instagram – the new technology for the year, and that worked for a while but I think even that is falling behind now …

Anyway, in a nutshell … 

We had an unexpected trip to Trinidad at the beginning of summer, and then three weeks later flew across to San Diego, California for a soccer tournament.  We stayed an extra couple of days so the boys could see more of California … 

  So our routines have sort of flown out the door, and we’re not quite ready to settle back down yet … 

Tin will be starting his senior year in high school … aaarrghhh!! really???  senior already?  Maybe I’m the one who’s not ready for it.  He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, which drives me crazy, because there’s so much to put in place before the school year starts!  And .. he’s finally got his license!  No, that’s not his car – he’s just sitting in it! ūüėāmy stress level and blood pressure has been up these past few months, and now that he can drive out on his own, it’s double-double pressure … and no, he’s not bothered by it, because of course, this euphoria of being able to drive around on his own, with friends, anywhere, is ultimate freedom … *sigh* what to do?


So, I’m going to make myself settle back in a routine … and we’ll start that with working on the blog again, if for no other reason is that it makes me sit and write – or I should say, type.  There’s something about the fingers on the keys and the clicking of the keyboard, isn’t there?  Sometimes, I just want to re-type a page or two of documents just to type and exercise my fingers. Yeah, weird … 

I’ll work on a photo recap of the summer up till now .. That will also give me a chance to sort through the thousand and more photos that I took these past few months …

Have a good weekend, all !




Finally! Hot weather! 

Well, here in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s hot … reellll hot, as they would say. 

We had an unexpected and unplanned trip … Tin was asked to come down and try out for the national soccer u-17 team, so here we are. So far, it’s been a lot of hard work and practice in the heat and humidity, but he’s holding up. 

They had a break from the training over the weekend, so of course, that means … beach! 

And of course … a little game of beach soccer! Can’t get away from it ūüėŹ

And where was I? Under the umbrella of course … yarning! ūüėĀ

Oh yes … time to relax … 

Have a good summer, everyone! 

‚Ä™World Environment week … Save Our Oceans .. I Live By the Sea

More on the #SaveOurOceans exhibition.

A youth photography contest to show where they live, by the sea.   And they have some great photos there, better than what I could have taken.

Like this – my favourite … ‘Perpetual Pleading’ … and the Baltic Sea one …



LoL … yes, Hubby did always say that crabs were aliens. ¬†I should show this to him …


Sad to see the effects of pollution on the waters and oceans …

I shall be more mindful of cleaning up after myself when at the beach.


It’s Fall … or Summer Extended

The calendar says it’s the first day of fall, or autumn. ¬†The temperatures say it’s still summer. ¬†No matter. ¬†We can extend summer a few more weeks, I don’t mind.

Is it only me, or are the days going by faster and faster? ¬†Is it me not managing my time and schedule efficiently, or are there less hours in a day? ¬†I really don’t know where the time goes. ¬†We seem to be spinning around and around and the march of time is measured by the changing seasons and schedules, and yet I don’t feel that we’ve even stayed long enough in one season, and the¬†next one is upon us.

I’ve also realized that one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged much is because I’ve become predictable. ¬†Just like the changing seasons, you know what I’m going to write about … the hectic and chaos of schedules, the new school year, the sports season … And yet, that is what life is all about at the moment … there’s not much going on, in between running between home, school, work, soccer games, home, school, work …

Oh, we did manage a two-week beach vacation .. yeah!!


… which didn’t stop the boys¬†pokemon-huntingPokemon-hunting everywhere on the island …¬†you’ve heard of this game, right? ¬†lol

They even went riding all around the island to hit all those Poke-stops and catch those creatures …

I didn’t mind … that kept them busy, and I was left to my reading, crocheting, knitting and just plain being a beach bum .. We need that sometimes, don’t we?


Here’s hoping that the last quarter of the year doesn’t go so fast …








Rwanda Day Trip 

‘Come, let’s go for brunch on the weekend’, I was told.

Ok, no problem.  Where?

To Gisenyi, Rwanda.  Over there, just across the border.

Oh. ¬†I didn’t realize that our hotel was only a five-minute walk to the border!

So we walked to the border. ¬†ha! ¬†After a round of filling out forms and getting our passports leafed through and stamped in the DRC, we showed them to the officer sitting in a chair exactly on the border, who leafed through them again, and then let us through. ¬†We then stepped up to the window – there, where you see people by the building – to fill out the entry forms and have our passports leafed through and stamped again. ¬†I wanted to take out the camera to take pictures, but I didn’t dare in case they took it from me. ¬†I took the photos with the phone camera instead.

At last we were through.

We decided to walk to the resort hotel that was offering the weekend brunch.  It was a nice day, not too hot, and it was good to stretch our legs and walk and take in the countryside.

This is the same Lake Kivu, taken from the Rwanda side. ¬†That’s Goma, DRC that you see in the distance.


We arrived at the Lake Kivu Serena Hotel resort. ¬†Nice, upscale hotel resort, decorated with the native arts. ¬†We sat down to a continental breakfast, with what I think is a traditional Rwandan or East African breakfast – stewed beans, chicken drumsticks, matoke stew (mashed bananas), soup? Ok. ¬†There was also beet juice and cucumber juice, in addition to the more common papaya, watermelon, orange, pineapple juices. ¬†No, I wasn’t adventurous enough again to try the beet juice.

Jane asked for hot sauce …1890993_10153967136553906_9175902384203872265_n ‘Here’, they said. ¬†Be careful. ¬†Just one drop. ¬†One? ¬†Yes. ¬†One. ¬†It’s very hot, very spicy. ¬†Hmmm… chili oil, it says.

So Jane squeezed out one drop … then another drop in a different spot … and another in a different spot … Several drops and a forkful later, she was fanning her mouth and looking for water, tea, liquids, to cool her tongue …

I stayed away from it … Remember, I’m not that adventurous when it comes to culinary adventures …

After breakfast, I took a walk on the hotel grounds.

A football game in progress, complete with spectators on the side …

A strip cleared and filled with sand, with umbrellas, for people to work on their tan …¬†

Flowers, of course …

… the souvenir shop. ¬†I really liked those white statues … hope they weren’t made out of ivory!

It was a relaxing morning.  Refreshed, we walked back to the border, and went through the same process coming in.


It was quite a change of scenery, but then I must remember that we were in a resort, inside its walls.  Regular life continues outside the walls.

Little boys under the trees

Getting Some Peace and Quiet

Hubby and I decided to meet halfway for some R&R, which in this case meant the Dominican Republic. ¬†After meeting at the airport, we rented a car and drove another two hours to Punta Cana. Don’t know what that city looks like, because we kept on going another 45 minutes to one of those secluded resorts, where we would spend the next four days on an almost-deserted beach.

This is my view from my chair. ¬†Didn’t feel like getting up …¬†¬†

I tried to get some knitting¬†time in. ¬†Winding a hank of wool into a ball was not easy, with the constant breeze … I managed anyway, and started another project …

The view of the pool, from the pool-side bar …

… and from the terraced dining area.

This is the spot I claimed as my base when on the beach.

Really nice and peaceful, just listening to the waves and the wind …

Bonswa from Haiti !

There was school spring break (even though we were in the middle of a snowstorm system again) and a carnival holiday a couple of weeks ago, so we decided that we would meet up with hubby in Haiti and spend a few days in hot sunshine. Putting up with spotty wi-fi connections and firewalls from WP so posting was minimal, or bumping along on narrow, stony, graveled roads was going to be an adventure for the next few days.

We left the east coast just as another frigid, below zero, polar vortex system hit. ¬†We were so glad to be out of that, if even for a few days. ¬†The next day, we were out on the beach, in one of the beach resorts about an hour’s drive from the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The sun wasn’t hot enough for us … or maybe we were still thawing out that we didn’t mind the hot sunshine so much.


Justin stayed in the water for most of the day, with the never-ending energy of a teenager.  That blue rubber object in the middle of the sea was a trampoline, so he spent some time jumping off it or just bouncing on it.  Kayaking was too much work, he said.

Me? ¬†I was content to just sit in the shade, and look up at the sky and the trees and enjoy the warmth …