Finally! Hot weather! 

Well, here in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s hot … reellll hot, as they would say. 

We had an unexpected and unplanned trip … Tin was asked to come down and try out for the national soccer u-17 team, so here we are. So far, it’s been a lot of hard work and practice in the heat and humidity, but he’s holding up. 

They had a break from the training over the weekend, so of course, that means … beach! 

And of course … a little game of beach soccer! Can’t get away from it ūüėŹ

And where was I? Under the umbrella of course … yarning! ūüėĀ

Oh yes … time to relax … 

Have a good summer, everyone! 


This and That

It’s all about the weather¬†these days,¬†isn’t it?


So far, we’ve missed the blizzard-of-the-century that didn’t happen, and the two other storms that came after that didn’t bring the amount¬†of snow that was forecasted. ¬†I’m not complaining. ¬†We got some snow, and plenty of cold, but not as much as the other areas. ¬†I’m ready for winter to end, though. ¬†Aren’t you?

One good thing about the snowstorms and dangerous road conditions … snow days and days off from work. ¬†These unexpected days off add to the weekend – coincidentally, the storms blew in during the weekend, and Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays were horrible travel days. ¬†So we just stayed home, and caught up with stuff we didn’t have time to do¬†over the weekend.

For me, though, it also meant that it was full immersion in my newest obsession – weaving! ¬†I was able to take a beginning class last month, and since then, it’s been non-stop weaving. ¬†Can you imagine that I’ve put aside knitting and crocheting (except for about 15 minutes at a time), and been working on playing with the rigid heddle loom and being amazed at what can come out it? ¬†Here’s some that I’ve finished. ¬†I’ve written about the full experience over on my crafts blog, if you’re interested in seeing how these¬†came about.

I finally got business cards and gift tags ordered for my charity/causes, from ¬†If you’re thinking of getting business cards or stocking up, try them out. ¬†You’ll get a 10% discount off your first purchase, by clicking on this link. ¬†It’ll give me some points towards my next purchase with them, if I decide to order from them again. ¬†Beware … they have lots of other cute stuff to tempt you … like stickers! ¬†Never even thought of stickers to attach to gifts, donations, etc, but that’s¬†a good idea. Maybe next time …

I’ll be going on a short trip next week … off for some hot sunshine, and away from the snow and cold! ¬†Hopefully the weather will be warmer when I get back …

We’re in Business!

My new adventure РNYC Hats for Hope Initiative Рhas received its first request:  hats and scarves for a residence for homeless men, based in Binghamton, NY.


I’m so excited – and a wee bit nervous. ¬†I just hope that we can deliver on this. ¬†I know that crafters are generous, and I hope to see packages come in eventually. ¬†If not enough, then I better get busy making these!



Drying up Courts

I went to the US Open Tennis tournament earlier this week, and spent the day almost like I did last year … waiting for the rain to stop. Well, this year was better – the rain did stop several times, and I was actually able to watch some games – ¬†so I really can’t complain. Last year, I didn’t get to see anything at all.

Arriving at the stadium, I decided to get coffee first to take up with me to my seat. ¬†As I was paying for it, a small drop of rain fell, then another, then big ones. ¬†I ended up sitting at a table¬†with my cappucino and wet chocolate croissant, under a canopy shade that didn’t stop the rain from dripping on the tables, chairs and people.

I saw this a lot ¬†….

The surface squeegees came out … or the water zombonis …

All hands to the court, as they try to get all the water off the courts as fast as they can …

Then the super-charged hot air dryers come out …

… and to make sure they got everything, out came the towels …

… and then set everything up again.

These grounds staff were kept very busy that day.  And we thank them for their hard work, as we impatient fans wait for the players and the games to start.


Catching Up With Yarn

*Sigh* Ok, I think I’m almost back to regular schedule …. almost … maybe …
Another weekend tournament, this time in Washington, DC/Virginia. I haven’t even recovered from the one two weekends ago! And then hubby decides he wants to try camping – for the first time! – and wants me to research where we can go camping.

huh??? ¬†When I suggested this several years ago, he was adamant that he wasn’t going to sleep out in the open, in sleeping bags or tents, etc. ¬†Now he wants to go camping? ¬†What’s he up to?

Anyway … I’ve been keeping busy with this Special Olympics Scarf Project – it’s now up and running, and I’m trying to keep it afloat. Well, it’s not that bad – we’ve just started, and the enthusiasm is still there, so I hope it continues. I don’t know what will happen when the scarves start coming in, and suddenly the house is inundated with small packages and boxes. ¬†I finally managed to sit down long enough to start on more scarves,¬†like these. ¬† Gives me a chance to try out new patterns. ¬† And¬†¬†… it gives me an excuse to buy more yarn to play with! ¬†yaaayy!!

Fifth Attempt Finished

I actually finished what I now call the “Fifth Attempt” scarf in record knitting time!

For me, anyway, because I knit so slow, specially with the finer yarns, so it usually takes a while to complete a knitted project.

But I was really enjoying this pattern and design, and seeing the progress as it got longer, that I didn’t feel the usual ennui while knitting.

The stripes almost matched up on either side. ¬†There was actually a knot in the middle of the skein, joining another length of the yarn. ¬†I was pleasantly surprised that it picked up the colour pattern, almost as if there was no join. ¬†(am I making sense? ¬†I feel that I’m rambling. ¬†That’s what happens when I’m on a high from a finished project! LOL!)

Apologies for the quality of the photos, but I was so excited that I had to take pictures right away.
I’ll take better ones, when I finish the matching hat, with the left-over yarn.