Drying up Courts

I went to the US Open Tennis tournament earlier this week, and spent the day almost like I did last year … waiting for the rain to stop. Well, this year was better – the rain did stop several times, and I was actually able to watch some games –  so I really can’t complain. Last year, I didn’t get to see anything at all.

Arriving at the stadium, I decided to get coffee first to take up with me to my seat.  As I was paying for it, a small drop of rain fell, then another, then big ones.  I ended up sitting at a table with my cappucino and wet chocolate croissant, under a canopy shade that didn’t stop the rain from dripping on the tables, chairs and people.

I saw this a lot  ….

The surface squeegees came out … or the water zombonis …

All hands to the court, as they try to get all the water off the courts as fast as they can …

Then the super-charged hot air dryers come out …

… and to make sure they got everything, out came the towels …

… and then set everything up again.

These grounds staff were kept very busy that day.  And we thank them for their hard work, as we impatient fans wait for the players and the games to start.


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