We’re in Business!

My new adventure – NYC Hats for Hope Initiative – has received its first request:  hats and scarves for a residence for homeless men, based in Binghamton, NY.


I’m so excited – and a wee bit nervous.  I just hope that we can deliver on this.  I know that crafters are generous, and I hope to see packages come in eventually.  If not enough, then I better get busy making these!




Catching Up With Yarn

*Sigh* Ok, I think I’m almost back to regular schedule …. almost … maybe …
Another weekend tournament, this time in Washington, DC/Virginia. I haven’t even recovered from the one two weekends ago! And then hubby decides he wants to try camping – for the first time! – and wants me to research where we can go camping.

huh???  When I suggested this several years ago, he was adamant that he wasn’t going to sleep out in the open, in sleeping bags or tents, etc.  Now he wants to go camping?  What’s he up to?

Anyway … I’ve been keeping busy with this Special Olympics Scarf Project – it’s now up and running, and I’m trying to keep it afloat. Well, it’s not that bad – we’ve just started, and the enthusiasm is still there, so I hope it continues. I don’t know what will happen when the scarves start coming in, and suddenly the house is inundated with small packages and boxes.  I finally managed to sit down long enough to start on more scarveslike these.   Gives me a chance to try out new patterns.   And  … it gives me an excuse to buy more yarn to play with!  yaaayy!!

Fifth Attempt Finished

I actually finished what I now call the “Fifth Attempt” scarf in record knitting time!

For me, anyway, because I knit so slow, specially with the finer yarns, so it usually takes a while to complete a knitted project.

But I was really enjoying this pattern and design, and seeing the progress as it got longer, that I didn’t feel the usual ennui while knitting.

The stripes almost matched up on either side.  There was actually a knot in the middle of the skein, joining another length of the yarn.  I was pleasantly surprised that it picked up the colour pattern, almost as if there was no join.  (am I making sense?  I feel that I’m rambling.  That’s what happens when I’m on a high from a finished project! LOL!)

Apologies for the quality of the photos, but I was so excited that I had to take pictures right away.
I’ll take better ones, when I finish the matching hat, with the left-over yarn.

After the Fifth Attempt

After the fifth attempt (or more?), this is my new stitch learned, to add to my repertoire of stitches.  The entrelac stitch, in both knit and crochet.

Last year’s new stitch was the crocodile stitch, but I think I used the crochet moss stitch more for my projects. So I’m still working with the crocodile stitch as well.

This is actually not a true entrelac – it’s more of like the basket weave stitch, knitted on the bias, which makes it look like the entrelac. Now that I have an idea of what the entrelac is about, hopefully I’ll be able to follow the instructions for the true knit entrelac stitch.  The crochet version was easier than I thought … well, I still have to figure out how to work the side triangles, so I’ll be experimenting with that next.

Back to this …  Using my new purchase, Kaleidoscope wool yarn, by Elegant Yarns, Inc., I started out following the pattern, row by row.  When I knitted about six inches, the scarf didn’t look wide enough.  So I frogged it, and started over again.  This time, I repeated the base pattern twice, to add two extra squares, before the repeat pattern for the body of the scarf.  This made the scarf about six inches wide now.




As usual, I made a slight change from the original pattern.  The original pattern has the right side showing the entrelac stitch, and the wrong side the purl stitch.  I modified my pattern so that both sides are showing the entrelac stitch.

The yarn is self-striping, but with this pattern, the color changes coincide with a new row of squares, rather than in the middle of a row.

I’m enjoying this pattern and stitch, and I already have ideas of what to make next, with different yarns.  Perhaps this year, I’ll have my Christmas projects with the new stitch pattern done in time!

Greens for the Day

A green scarf for St. Paddy’s day.  I made this for some contest, using four colors of Tahki Stacy Charles cotton yarn.

I got about ten votes for it …good enough because I changed my mind about the pattern, and it ended up different from what I envisioned.  No, I don’t think it would have gotten more votes, if I stayed with the original pattern.  But it got some votes 🙂

I started off with the idea and the pattern for the scarf, and halfway through I made a little change, and it ended up something different.

I think I do that more often than I should.  Sometimes it ends up good, other times I end up unraveling it.  One might say that’s time and effort wasted by unraveling.

I call it  learning the craft.

Either way, there’s a finished project at the end.

Stitching Crocs

The new stitch/pattern for the year was the crocodile stitch.  So I went searching for the pattern, and found a good YouTube tutorial – apologies, but I can’t remember the link of the wonderful person who provided it for free.  When I find out, I will update this.

I tried out the stitch in several yarns and projects … *sigh* … no wonder I have so many WIP’s !!