Seeing Orange

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Post about orange?

Let’s see … Of course, there’s always the brilliant orange hues of fall and autumn …


And last year, I had posted about orange, because I was seeing orange everywhere I looked that day.


I don’t usually think of orange when choosing colours for knit and crochet projects, unless it’s a variegated yarn with orange in it, or I use it as an accent colour.

And Mother Nature provides enough orange beauty around us …


And that’s my orange-y post.





It’s Summer Today! 

Temperatures might drop again next week but we’ve got hot sunshine today. 

So we left work an hourly early to enjoy the sunshine 😬

May Flowers

And we’re in the month of May …

We’re so looking forward to the spring weather, but it only shows up every once in a while.  A day of sunshine and warmth, and then a 20-30 degree drop in temperature overnight and into the next day or two or three …

I was looking forward to the flowering of the dogwood tree in the garden.  And yes, the flowers are the same, and look the same year after year, but I think that maybe there may be a bunch that’s different from the last year that I can take photos of …

And I thought that I would have a couple of hours in the afternoon during the weekend to spend some time with it, but an overnight frost blew in during the week, and now they’re starting to wilt …

They haven’t even had the chance to fully bloom and change to a deeper pink hue 😦

*sigh* What to do?

I took pictures, of course!

How’s your spring coming along?



It’s All About the Weather …

I thought that summer was finally on its way … and then spring weather blew in overnight.  A light jacket came out of the closet again, after I thought I had put it away for a few months …

Not that I’m complaining about warm winter, but the weather this past year really has been an actual topic, not just a casual weather report.

And I’m back to waiting for hot sun …

dogwood flowers



Summer is Here 

Summer is finally here …

And with it the realization that this blog has been neglected for some time.  Apologies for that … we will remedy that soon!  Oh!  and how have you all been?  Life has been treating you well?

Life, in some ways, is rather predictable, with the same routine and schedules.  You know how it is … you run out of hours in a day … the daily stress of juggling between work, children, schooling, schedules, competing demands, forgotten repeated reminders (my phone must be getting tired of sending me reminders that I keep rescheduling, like hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock), catching enough hours of sleep (because, you know, if I don’t get enough hours of sleep, don’t talk more than a few sentences at a time to me; I will stare at you for a few seconds more before it even registers in my brain) … and one day, you walk out the door and you realize that summer is here and it’s humid!!

And as I walked around the corner, I also realized that I had forgotten about the perennial hydrangeas.  They finally bloomed, after this crazy see-saw spring-winter weather   (which I’m not complaining about!).

I just had time to take a quick snapshot with the camera phone.  Which also reminded me that I missed out on the NYBG Orchid Show this year … 😦  😦  😦

I think a change is in order … whether it’s to the daily routines or take out something and add something new … Something has to change …




Dogwood Flowers are Out

I came home late one night, and realized the dogwood flowers were out!

They’re at the side of the house, so I only see the outer longer branches peeking out.  So I went in and grabbed the camera to take photos, even if it was getting kind of dark already.


And since I was still experimenting with the 60mm, of course I had to try out macro shots …



… long-range …DS2_2446

… medium range … DS2_2464

And even as it got darker, I continued to take photos, I didn’t want to stop yet …


I think this came out better than I thought it would … DS2_2473

I’ll try to take some more photos this weekend, in brighter light.

Have a good weekend, all!

The Magnolias are Out!

The ever faithful magnolias were out and blooming last weekend.

DS2_0949 (1)

I took the opportunity to visit them, as they don’t seem to last long in this weather …


The next day, the rains came ….


… with strong winds …


Many petals are all over the ground now … but this year I was able to enjoy taking their pictures before they were gone.