Summer is Here 

Summer is finally here …

And with it the realization that this blog has been neglected for some time.  Apologies for that … we will remedy that soon!  Oh!  and how have you all been?  Life has been treating you well?

Life, in some ways, is rather predictable, with the same routine and schedules.  You know how it is … you run out of hours in a day … the daily stress of juggling between work, children, schooling, schedules, competing demands, forgotten repeated reminders (my phone must be getting tired of sending me reminders that I keep rescheduling, like hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock), catching enough hours of sleep (because, you know, if I don’t get enough hours of sleep, don’t talk more than a few sentences at a time to me; I will stare at you for a few seconds more before it even registers in my brain) … and one day, you walk out the door and you realize that summer is here and it’s humid!!

And as I walked around the corner, I also realized that I had forgotten about the perennial hydrangeas.  They finally bloomed, after this crazy see-saw spring-winter weather   (which I’m not complaining about!).

I just had time to take a quick snapshot with the camera phone.  Which also reminded me that I missed out on the NYBG Orchid Show this year … 😦  😦  😦

I think a change is in order … whether it’s to the daily routines or take out something and add something new … Something has to change …




What do you think about this?

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