Checking Out Designs

So … it must be a rite of passage that sometime, sooner or later, boys (and gals) will think about getting tattoos .  hmmmm …

Not a fan of tattoos, myself.  The art of the tattoos, yes.  The body canvas … not so much.

Talk about it comes up once in a while … ‘Right, Mom?  We’re going to get tattoos?’ … and they’ll get an eye-roll in return from me.

So as we were walking up and down the Hollywood sidewalk – we literally walked about three miles that night – from the parking lot about a mile down, to the center and beyond, and back again … whew … yes, well, this sidewalk stall caught Tin’s eye, and he stopped to flip through their binder.


These were the brush-on ones, similar to those he’s had from time to time when he was younger.

I told him that I could probably doodle some designs and I have a drawing book for him to look through and consider.

I got an eye-roll from him … lol





  1. If any one is going to get a tattoo get one drawn up with meaning. Make it personal not picked out from a book or off the internet. Also get it where it can be covered if the need arises, like at work.
    This advise is from a heavily tattooed person, but I can wear long sleeve’s and no one would know I’m tattooed.

    1. Thanks for the advice. We’ve also told the boys that if they do get one, to have it done where it can be covered up. As to the tattoo itself, I think they have an idea in mind of what they want, and are just looking for design elements. But I’ll let them know about making it meaningful and personal, as they banter around the subject. Thanks again!

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