Tile 9: Sunflower

This has been sitting for a while, pinned up the cork board where I would see it every now and then, waiting to be worked on, waiting for some inspiration.  I had seen a big sunflower, standing tall against a wall, by itself, and thought to see what I could do with it in a drawing.

But I’ve been kind of stuck on this, feeling that there’s more that I can add to it, fill in the empty spaces in between, balance the negative space, etc.

But nothing was coming to mind, and all I would fiddle with was to even out a border, shade a little darker, clean up a little around the edges.  And it occurred to me that if nothing else was inspiring me to work on this, then maybe it was all done, and that I should leave it alone.

So, here it is.  All done, and with nothing more to add.  And sometimes, that’s the best thing to do.


Tile 8: Pinwheels 

This is the result of trying to recreate a pattern … pinwheels.

The shading here isn’t too bad.  I’m using the same pen, and a black ballpoint, to create the shades and tones.  I don’t want to get started on collecting pens of varying shades of blacks and greys … well, not yet, anyway.  I’m sure that eventually I’ll start on that, depending on the complexity of the project.


I’m not sure anymore if this was the pattern I wanted to recreate before, but no matter … I know how to do this now.

On to the next obsession!

Eye-Opener II

Looking at the passion flower photos, I suddenly had the inspiration to draw it for the Tile Series.  I was doing pretty good … until I had to stop, because it was getting too late in the night, and my eyes were starting to droop.

And when I picked up the pen to work on it again the next time, it had evolved into another eye

I was close, wasn’t I?  lol

Tile 6 and 7: Recreating a Pattern

I did this late into the night, and when I finished, I saw this pattern effect that I liked – that one in the top left hand corner.

I’ve tried to recreate it, with no success.  

So in the meantime, that’s what I’ve been obsessed with …  trying to find that pattern again …  No, this is nowhere what I had in mind … 

I still haven’t figured out the placement or the sequence of this pattern, but now I’ve got lots of new ideas to try …

Sit Back and Relax

And this is why I’ve been quiet recently …

Secluded beach … spotty wifi … an hour’s drive to a proper town … Yep … just going to sit and relax for now …

I’ll see you all in a bit soon …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature Prevails

The weekly photo challenge, ‘Forces of Nature’, reminded me of this.

A backstreet in Port-au-Prince, Haiti …

Even as man attempts to find a way to make life easier with a more direct route, nature has its way …


Humans will need to find a way around nature … This tree is going to stay where it is …

Tile 4 – Optical Illusions

As often happens, what I had in mind didn’t come out the way I was picturing it.

However, this turned out to be some sort of optical illusion …


Looks pleated … I tried to shade so that there’s peaks and valleys, and looks folded.  But then I got cross-eyed, and got mixed up on which edge to shade …


Need to work on my shading some more …