Tile 9: Sunflower

This has been sitting for a while, pinned up the cork board where I would see it every now and then, waiting to be worked on, waiting for some inspiration.  I had seen a big sunflower, standing tall against a wall, by itself, and thought to see what I could do with it in a drawing.

But I’ve been kind of stuck on this, feeling that there’s more that I can add to it, fill in the empty spaces in between, balance the negative space, etc.

But nothing was coming to mind, and all I would fiddle with was to even out a border, shade a little darker, clean up a little around the edges.  And it occurred to me that if nothing else was inspiring me to work on this, then maybe it was all done, and that I should leave it alone.

So, here it is.  All done, and with nothing more to add.  And sometimes, that’s the best thing to do.


What do you think about this?

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