Friday Doodles

Keeping awake in a town hall meeting ūüė¨

Good weekend, all!


‘Late Nights’ Done

I’m done with the late night doodles …


I wanted to do a bit more with the middle part, but no ideas were coming to mind. ¬†So apart from a little more shading here and there, ¬†I’ll call this done !


I’m getting closer to what I think of as a mandala. ¬†Maybe the next one …

Oh, and Happy May 1st!

Doodles at Night

My mind could not settle down. ¬†I could’t sleep.

I picked up the crochet project.  After finishing a row, I put that down.

I picked up the knit project.  After finishing a round, I put that down as well.

So I picked up pen and paper instead.

The nearest one to me was the black paper and white and grey Sakura gelly pens.  That would do.

I started on my new obsession – dots and circles. ¬†And this other petal-like pattern that I fall into. ¬†This is as far as I got, because I had to get to bed to be able to get up the next morning for work. ¬†This thing called ‘work’ – it really gets in the way at times, doesn’t it?

The next night, I had to pick up the doodles again. ¬†My mind wasn’t any clearer, with a million and one things still zinging around. But now the drawing was taking over.


I drew this mostly with the grey pen, with a mind to outline or insert white highlights at certain points. ¬† Don’t know yet – maybe tonight I’ll have a different idea. Or maybe I’ll fall asleep …




A productive 4-hour meeting … for doodles! ¬†lol

Maybe because it’s almost the end of the year, and suddenly they’re scheduling all the meetings …

I seem to be stuck on the same patterns, but I also had to listen to the discussions, and didn’t want to think too much. ¬†Isn’t that the purpose of doodling? Just to draw, without thinking?

Shading will come next … maybe in the next meeting … or during ¬†the few minutes a day that I take to give myself a break from staring at the computer monitor. ¬†The only problem with that is that I’ll take more than a few minutes of break, because I’ll be immersed in the shading and drawing …

Oh well … it’s the end of year.





Almost a Mandala

I’m still working on drawing a ‘real’ mandala.

I keep getting side-tracked.  I start out with an idea for a finished product, and somewhere along the way, the design changes.  Either I change my mind, or I forget what I had planned to do.


That’s ok …¬†one day I’ll settle down long enough to come up with a real mandala drawing.




Jumble of Flowers

I needed a distraction to settle my mind, so what better way than to just doodle aimlessly, right?

Since my latest Congo inspiration was flowers,  I thought to continue drawing plants and nature and to think outside of the boxes and lines.

This started out as a flower – see that in the middle? ¬†A seven-petaled flower that I didn’t like, so I just continued to draw petals. ¬†It started to look like a bushel of bananas, specially after I added shades here and there. ¬†Oh well … ¬†I continued on.

With the television on as background noise, I just wandered over the page, drawing flowers. ¬†I see now that I drew anywhere from five to 10 petal flowers. ¬† Interesting …

It was looking rather busy ¬†… So I thought that maybe I should add some colour to it …

It’s still looking busy … maybe worse now. ¬†Will have to think of something else to do with it … or leave it as it is …

What do you think?






In progress … And stuck on what to do with the background.  

Tin says to colour the background red … Hmmm ….

In the meantime, since I had  started this as a four-panel doodle, there are now creases showing up overall. 

How do you get rid of the creases?  


In the meantime, I’ll mull over whether to add more flowers or just tangle in the background. 

Any thoughts?