Jumble of Flowers

I needed a distraction to settle my mind, so what better way than to just doodle aimlessly, right?

Since my latest Congo inspiration was flowers,  I thought to continue drawing plants and nature and to think outside of the boxes and lines.

This started out as a flower – see that in the middle?  A seven-petaled flower that I didn’t like, so I just continued to draw petals.  It started to look like a bushel of bananas, specially after I added shades here and there.  Oh well …  I continued on.

With the television on as background noise, I just wandered over the page, drawing flowers.  I see now that I drew anywhere from five to 10 petal flowers.   Interesting …

It was looking rather busy  … So I thought that maybe I should add some colour to it …

It’s still looking busy … maybe worse now.  Will have to think of something else to do with it … or leave it as it is …

What do you think?





What do you think about this?

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