Well, Hello There …

It’s been a while.

I’m still around, although my head and my brain hasn’t been.  It’s been an annus horribilis, to borrow a quote from Queen Elizabeth II from some years back.

Things have not been right with the world.  It’s not just the hectic, chaotic, missed deadlines frenzy that everyday life throws at us.  That, we somehow manage to handle, deal with it, move on.

It’s when we’re thrown for a loop that everything crashes.  It sounds so cliche, and until it happens to you, it’s just a phrase that you hear and read about, and sometimes dismiss.  But when you’re living in that loop that’s thrown at you, your world really crashes down on you.

There were no physical injuries, no, nothing as traumatic as that, and we’ve fixed and patched things up as best we could, and gone on with life.  But mentally, I’m not settled.  The constant worry that things will blow up again, the constant watchfulness, and things may have settled down into a routine again … But I’m not settled.

“This too shall pass”,  I remind myself regularly.  Things will get better, of course.  I’ll just settle myself down, and start writing again.

Hope you’re all having a good summer.





Time Flies …

And we’re already in the second month of the year …

Is it just me, or did the first month really fly by so fast?  What were we doing that we didn’t even notice the days fly by?  Were we really all in a hurry?  Did we really have so many things to do?

And I’m not really doing a good job with this on and off blogging either.  As usual, I wrote and published several posts, and all in my head. lol

The weather  – well, I’m sure you know all about the weather.  It’s been a crazy winter, but again I’m not complaining.  We’ve only had one snowstorm/blizzard, and it’s been mild a times.  We even went through three seasons over two days!  We started with fall to winter to spring …


Our sports schedule changed a bit, but it was still hectic.  There wasn’t much of soccer, so Tin picked up winter track to keep in shape … Well, that opened up a whole new world for us!  Tin found that he can keep up with the fast boys – we always knew he could run fast, as we would see on the soccer field every now and then.  But now he’s competing with a whole new set of athletes.  He’s not quite up at the nationals level, but that’s something he can work on, if he continues.  Now he’s looking to running the spring track … Which is about the same time that the new soccer season starts, so that means more travelling hours and less hours in a day for us …

We should enjoy it and make the most of it, we’re told … he’s a junior now and in a couple of years we won’t be running around as much … which brings me to the next chapter of my life journey – retirement.  But that’s for another post …

Good weekend, and stay safe and warm!



Reflections …

With the start of the new season, and the ensuing chaos and hectic schedules, of all the events that marks this month, it is the memorial service for a good family friend and the chance to meet old friends.

Is this a reflection of our times?  That it would only be under sad circumstances that we would meet old friends again?  And as we take leave of one another, there will be the usual round of “Let’s not take so long to see each other again … let’s meet for lunch … dinner … go to that event … or just coffee.”

It hasn’t happened … yet.  Perhaps it’s too soon … But yes, we really should take the time to meet up, even for no other reason than just to re-connect …

So go ahead.  Don’t just text, or call, or Facebook connect … Go and meet a friend, and connect face to face.  You’ll feel better I promise.

Good weekend, all.





Buildings Within Buildings

I looked up at the sky and saw buildings within buildings.


We don’t take a second look at these glass structures as we walk on the sidewalks.  We breeze by them, enter the door, exit through the other door.  They’re just objects out on the street, in this concrete jungle maze, day in and day out.



Step back once in a while and look up.  After all, a lot of us spend most of our day in them.  We might as well know what they look like from the outside!