It’s Summer Today! 

Temperatures might drop again next week but we’ve got hot sunshine today. 

So we left work an hourly early to enjoy the sunshine 😬


New Runnings

New experiences … outdoor track meets.

Tin participated in the winter indoor track, to keep in shape since his soccer team wasn’t playing much last year.  Turned out that many of the athletes were also filling in the time by running.

Well, it turned out that Tin liked running.  He was fast, and could hold his own.  And of course, there was the challenge of catching that other runner ahead of him.

Our first outdoor meet turned out nice, weather-wise.  A little breezy, but the sun was out, and it was warm.

High-tech running shoes … See that dial on the sides?  That’s to tighten the wire-thin ‘laces’.  They looked more like strips of nylon thread.  Dial right to tighten the laces; pull it out to ‘undo’ the laces.  High-tech indeed.

The next day, he had a soccer game.  Again, warm weather.  Dare we hope that spring is really staying?

And of course, after the game, the boys were hungry.  And while walking on the sidewalk, they came upon a vendor selling icees and fresh mango – so they got two bags of pickled mango.

Yes … spring and summer are here …


A Spot of Blue

Happy First Day of Spring !

Yes, it’s spring today – it’s supposed to be warmer today (with a cold wind).  But there’s a forecast of snow for Wednesday, so we’ll see how long that will last …

More meetings … more doodles …


And a spot of blue …

There’s something, just out of reach of my mind, that I want to do with the black stars  … I can’t quite grasp what it is, but it’s there … Maybe the spot of blue will help, jog my subconscious, or something.

Happy Spring Day, all !



The Magnolias are Out!

The ever faithful magnolias were out and blooming last weekend.

DS2_0949 (1)

I took the opportunity to visit them, as they don’t seem to last long in this weather …


The next day, the rains came ….


… with strong winds …


Many petals are all over the ground now … but this year I was able to enjoy taking their pictures before they were gone.

A Winter’s Spring

Today is the last day of winter, say the forecasters.  Tomorrow afternoon, spring officially starts.

I do hope they’re right … I am so ready for this cold winter to end, but there’s more cold forecasted for the weekend!!  really??  I need warm sunshine … wait, is there a cold sunshine?  hmmmm….


I was passing by a colleague’s cubicle and saw these beautiful tulips.  It was so good to see a bright splash of colour … why don’t we have more flowers in the office?  There’s lots of plants and vines … an occasional flower every now and then. There’s lots of flowers during the spring and summer, but not in the cold season.  Why not have flowers year round?  We must remedy that …

Here’s wishing you all a happy end-of-winter (soon) and a good spring season.