A Winter’s Spring

Today is the last day of winter, say the forecasters.  Tomorrow afternoon, spring officially starts.

I do hope they’re right … I am so ready for this cold winter to end, but there’s more cold forecasted for the weekend!!  really??  I need warm sunshine … wait, is there a cold sunshine?  hmmmm….


I was passing by a colleague’s cubicle and saw these beautiful tulips.  It was so good to see a bright splash of colour … why don’t we have more flowers in the office?  There’s lots of plants and vines … an occasional flower every now and then. There’s lots of flowers during the spring and summer, but not in the cold season.  Why not have flowers year round?  We must remedy that …

Here’s wishing you all a happy end-of-winter (soon) and a good spring season.

What do you think about this?

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