Going Round and Round …

I’m sure if you were to have a look at my brain waves at the moment, it would look like this …


That’s partially the reason why I haven’t been posting recently.  The other reason is that I’m still cold – yes, it’s April and it’s spring, but there’s still cold wind blowing, and my brain seems not to have thawed out yet …

It’s the last week before the travel to Dallas for the Dallas Cup – a prestigious international youth tournament.  Somehow, we were ‘volunteered’ to make the arrangements for the trip, and even though we knew that this was coming up, as it often happens, it has suddenly sneaked up on us and we only have five days to get everything together!  Well, as Hubby says, why am I stressing myself out over this.  We’re done with our part – it’s the others who haven’t gotten their act together yet, so let them worry about their part.  All well and good, but they keep calling me, not him !!  It doesn’t count that he’s out of town, so they’re not calling him.  They can still contact him by email, right?  lol

I’ve got my to-do list to work on, and which I haven’t started on.  I’ll get on that tonight … after I decide what crochet projects and yarn I’m going to take with me!  ha!

That should settle me down, right?




A Winter’s Spring

Today is the last day of winter, say the forecasters.  Tomorrow afternoon, spring officially starts.

I do hope they’re right … I am so ready for this cold winter to end, but there’s more cold forecasted for the weekend!!  really??  I need warm sunshine … wait, is there a cold sunshine?  hmmmm….


I was passing by a colleague’s cubicle and saw these beautiful tulips.  It was so good to see a bright splash of colour … why don’t we have more flowers in the office?  There’s lots of plants and vines … an occasional flower every now and then. There’s lots of flowers during the spring and summer, but not in the cold season.  Why not have flowers year round?  We must remedy that …

Here’s wishing you all a happy end-of-winter (soon) and a good spring season.

Frozen Landscapes

As we stood on the sidelines of the soccer field waiting for the boys to finish their skills, drills, and warm-ups, I looked over to the other side of the fence … and saw this small tree.  DS2_6609

There it was, in the middle of the frozen landscape, looking forlorn.  I don’t know why, but I thought it looked a little sad.  Maybe it had had enough of the cold winter, just like me.


I walked where I could, taking pictures through the holes in the fence.


It’s going to get warm soon, I tell myself …

A Tough Loss

The Team played on a frozen field, surrounded by hills and mounds of frozen snow and ice, turned black with dirt and gas fumes.


In the middle of this cold, freezing winter, my son’s soccer team was signed up to play in the Copa Coca-Cola USA tournament.


Thankfully, Mother Nature turned the polar vortex away, and the weather was actually warm and spring-like.  Or maybe since temperatures have been below the freezing point for the past several weeks, temperatures in the 40′s was now a balmy spring-like temperature, and the 50′s is spring weather.


The winner of this regional tournament goes to Los Angeles to play the finals, and if successful, goes on to Brazil’s World Cup as ball boys. We reached the finals here, and lost on sudden death penalty kicks.


A learning experience for the boys, and specially for my son, who kicked the ball over the goal post on his first penalty kick experience.

A tough loss.  He had tears in his eyes as they broke away to go their separate ways, and only a few teammates came over to console him.  Losses don’t usually affect him this much.  But he really felt this loss this time.  Playing soccer has just been a past time for him, which he enjoyed doing.  Win or lose, he would just laugh at the end of the game and continue with life.  Perhaps this was one game he really wanted to win, with the bonus of travel to Los Angeles.  Or perhaps this is a turning point for him, where he now realizes that at this stage, winning is a little more serious.

It’ll be interesting to see how he moves forward from this.  Even though I talk to him about playing the game hard and doing his best, I was never the one to push him hard about playing soccer; it was more the father. When I feel that the father is unreasonably pushing him too hard (in my eyes), I have to keep reminding him that soccer is not in his son’s blood.  He doesn’t eat, sleep, talk, play soccer.  Pushing him too hard and too far may just make him lose interest in the sport, and make him stop playing.  And then where would we be?  Well, for me, it means that I have more time for my hobbies and crafts.  For the father …. well, he’d be a little lost without soccer every weekend.

With the resilience of youth, Justin has shrugged off the loss even before we drove out of the playing fields’ car park.  He has faced the ribbing and the teasing of the others at practice, with maybe just a little sting.  I hope he and the Team are stronger from this experience.  They’re going to need to be, because we travel to Dallas in April for the Dr. Pepper Dallas Cup, an international youth tournament.  Another opportunity for more learning experiences.