For the Birds

I’m on a bird roll …

This is the progress on the dove.  Not sure whether to add more to the tails and the wings, so I’m going to sit and stare at it for a bit.


In the meantime, there was something about the graceful curve of the feathers and wings that I wanted to fill in, so I started on the hummingbird too … And as I was working on the wings, another idea came to mind as I finished it … maybe I’ll use that for the other set of wings.  It doesn’t have to be the same design on both sides, right? hmmm … the OCD in me says that it has to be the same design on both sides … we’ll see …


… and the eagle.  I’ve already messed up on the bottom part, but I really like the neck part, so I don’t know if I should just start all over again, or just work the bottom part into the overall design.


A tad obsessed, do you think?  I’ve got the other templates printed and lined up …



Each week, the Ornate Creation (on FB) comes up with a template which you can download, and work on. I’ve downloaded and printed some of the previous templates, but haven’t really worked on them.  This week’s template, the dove, came out earlier today.  In a lull in the office, I started to work on it – which is bad, because once I get started on this, I don’t want to stop.  oh dear … I think the printer is running out toner – what are those lines on the top??  Good thing these are practice doodles …


Looks a little sloppy to me, but I know that if I sat there and thought about it too much, I might not get started.  So, I’m using these doodle exercises to just let go and draw, without having to think too much of what to do and where the lines should go.  I think I’m also still missing the point of these ornate creating – and what is this zentangling that I’m reading about from others?

Oh well … I’m just going to keep doodling.  I know that I’m going to run out of hours in the day soon, and something will come up that I will have to pay full attention to …  But in the meantime, I’m having fun with these.


Mandalas Sidetracked

So … after the excitement of discovering 100 Mandalas, and that there was a purpose to my doodling and the mandalas fit that purpose, I tried my hand at some simple circles, and came up with this.

Nyehh … Nothing much – my hands automatically draw the same lines and patterns.  Hmmm … I’m going to have to get a compass as well – we can’t have odd-looking circles for mandalas, can we?  And a bigger sketchbook …

But then, Curls & Q introduced me to Ornate Creation (on Facebook), run by Ben Kwok.  Wow.  There are so many others out there doodling. Oh, I know that there are other people who doodle, and I see some of my doodle design elements out there. But seeing them all in one group, and looking at all their doodling, which are all fantastic and I don’t know if I’ll make anything good like theirs, but  … it’s like I found another niche to fit in.  So I flipped the page in the sketchbook, and came up with these instead – quick freehand line drawings.  It’s still not looking what I think it should look like.  Will have to doodle some more.

And I really like this pattern, but then drew a blank and didn’t know what to do next … I’m going to have to experiment with this again.


And to show that I’m obsessed with this now, I’ve already stayed up past midnight, with more ideas running through my mind …


Oh – the mandalas are not forgotten.  I purchased some books, to read up on them.  Can’t believe I haven’t kept up with this, to keep it all in one sketchpad instead of post-it notes and margins in notebooks.  I’ve been doodling these since I was in grade school – I walked around with a notebook and just filled it with rows and rows of borders and doodlings … Well, we shall remedy that now, won’t we?









Red Carpet Leaves

My red carpet Is back … just before the cold winds blew in.



Seems like each year, the leaves change colours so fast.  This didn’t last the weekend – the winds and rain came down yesterday, so this is scattered all over.

Oh dear … we are going to be busy raking up leaves this weekend …




Eye Doodles

And speaking of doodles … here’s the latest meeting doodles … looks like eyes to me now …


I think I had something in mind with this, but then the thought flew away …



Maybe it’ll come back in some other meeting … which by the way they stopped having … so my doodles are on hold for the moment …





100 Mandalas Challenge

I came across this 100 Mandalas Challenge, from, while browsing through Inkeeart‘s blog after she visited my craft and crochet blog.  So I joined … to add on to the list of things to do.

Image from

Image from

But I figured that I doodle while in meetings or anywhere I’m stuck, anyway, so why not draw a mandala instead?  Can’t wait to start … Hopefully you’ll see something posted soon …