My brain had too many things running through it … things to do, errands, juggling schedules, re-scheduling, driving all over … It wouldn’t settle down, not even when I picked up hook and yarn to knit or crochet.  I would work on a row, and not satisfied with something – the stitch, the pattern, the yarn – I would put it away again.

So I picked up pen and sketchbook instead, even if it was to just scribble all over the page.  I had to get my mind to settle down and refocus again.

Flipping through the pages, I started to work on half-finished doodles and kept going through the pages until my brain clicked on one.  And it found one … and quite symbolic of the state of mind that I was currently in …


This had started out as a quick sketch to put down on paper an idea I had.  It didn’t quite work out the way that I had pictured in my head, so had set it aside.  Now, I decided to add some shading to it, and took it from there.  I may have over-shaded a bit, but no matter.

It served its purpose … it slowed me down and made my mind focus on one thing, even if for just a while.

Moon Shots

Late posting, I know.  This is now history.

But this is the first time that I’ve been able to photograph the moon and get a decent picture of it.  yaaayyy!!


One of tips that I read this time around was to shoot in black and white.  Shooting in colour and then changing it to black and white during edits would not bring out the full details, the tip said.  So this time, I switched to black and white, manual settings, and voila!  Well, it also helped that I used a super-zoom lens and a monopod.


Unfortunately, there were clouds rolling across the sky …


Well, maybe it was the beginning of the lunar eclipse and I didn’t know it?


Anyway, the clouds completely covered the moon after about two minutes, and that was it for the rest of the night.

But I got my picture of the super moon this time.


Holding on to Summer

Whew … a short breather from running around with the school activities and back-to-school night and sports schedules … Thankfully, summer has been extended over here in the east coast … yaaayyy!  We can enjoy a few more days and weeks of warm weather.  It’s getting a little nippy in the late evening and early dawn/morning, but that’s okay.

Over the weekend, I was at a garden bridal shower.  And yes, there were real showers as well, because there were a few sprinkles and drizzles throughout the afternoon.  No matter … it was all good.

The event was held in the Freeman Gardens, in Glen Ridge, NJ.  It’s a rose garden deeded to the town by its owners. I didn’t even know there was a garden out there.  Quaint little patch of land, in between the residential houses.  Unfortunately, there weren’t too many blooms out there at this time of year. I’ll make a note to visit there in the spring and summer next year.

As usual, my eyes are drawn to that one flower that will obsess me for the time I’m there.  And it’s a regular favourite – the echinecea – in the last stages of blooming.  I should add this to my other post on the different stages.


First impression is that it’s a black flower.  But it isn’t …

It’s the echinecea flower, in the last stages of blooming …



Holding on to summer …


Just like we all are …