Pinwheel Sunflower

And I’m back home.  It’s good to be back in your own home and on your own schedule, isn’t it?  I’m trying to unwind, but there’s really no rest, as it’s straight back to work, and believe it or not, preparing for the next school year (already?) Now I need to travel elsewhere just to relax … In the meantime, I’ll post the rest of the DRC trip in the coming days, so for once, there will be regular posts on this blog.

Surfing through Facebook (now that I’m back home and with available and uninterrupted internet and wifi connection :)), a suggested new photo site popped up on the newsfeed –

I clicked on it on impulse.  Yep, just another site where you can showcase your photos.  The ones that I had joined on FB had closed down, and other than this blog, there was no other place that I was posting my photos.  So I decided to give this a try.  After all, as their tagline says, be inspired by others – which also happens to be one of my taglines on anything creative.

One thing about posting on sites like this is that it forces you to sift and filter your photos to the ones that – in your opinion – are the better ones to the other ordinary shots that you take.  I certainly have a few favourites, and whether they are technically or creatively outstanding is up to the viewer, of course.  I doubt that any of my photos will win any major awards, except for the ones that I award to myself for having learnt how to set the correct settings on the camera to get the shot that I want the way I want it.

I started uploading, and set myself a limit of posting four to five photos a day, from the ones that I had available.  After all, nobody wants to be inundated with pics from the same poster, do they?   Here’s my YouPic profile homepage, in case you’re interested to check out the site and join.

On the second day, I uploaded this, which I titled ‘Pinwheel Sunflower’


It’s not one of my go-to ‘favourite’ shots, but from the previous post here, it seemed that others liked it better than I did.  So I decided to include that on this new ‘portfolio’.   And imagine my surprise when I got a notification that this pic is on their ‘Inspiration’ flow.  huh?  Really?

I had to take another look at it, this time trying to look at it from another person’s point of view.  What was in this shot that others seemed to connect to, and I didn’t?  The colours?  The overall composition?  I still don’t know.  So, you tell me.

What is it that you like about this shot?

Woman … Mother … Wife …

I saw this propped up by the stairs, alongside the masks and other wooden carvings.

Right away I knew that this embodied the life of a woman … a mother … a wife … a daughter …

Not just here in Goma, DRC or in Africa, but globally.  In most cultures, it is the woman’s job to take care of the household … carry and care for the children … find a way to feed the household … sustain and nourish all others.  The man?  Well, the man is the one who works outside of the house, doing whatever he’s doing, sitting at a desk in his suit and tie, allowed to meet and greet strangers.

So this is Woman … Mother … Wife …  carrying her child with her, even as she walks to the market with a basketfull of goods to sell  … even as it seems that she is pregnant with another child … and carrying a waterbottle to sustain and nourish her along the way …  Woman.

What’s on The Menu …

I’m still not having luck with spotty wifi here in Goma and there’s times when the internet signals are strong, and then it drops … At any time of the day.  Anyway, I haven’t had much free time yet to sightsee.  I’ve been contenting myself with taking quick snapshots with the phone so far. Hopefully there’ll be some free time over the weekend.

In case you’re wondering what to have for snacks or dinner, here’s some appetizers you can try ….

I’m not quite adventurous enough for any of those … I’ll stick to safe fish fillets … like tilapia …  

… Or whole fried fish …. I think this was their local fish there, the Captain fish …  

Maybe next time I’ll try something else … but for now I’m content with these.

First commission …

Sort of … On the flight to Kinshasa, I started doodling on this while catching up with the audiobook. As we landed, the young lady beside me commented and said that it was nice. As we started to deplane, she asked if she could have it. 

Huh? I’d barely started on it. On the ground waiting to be cleared at immigrations, she came looking for me. 

It’s not finished, and it’s one panel of four on the sheer, I showed her. She took the sheet and opened it out. 

Oh, she said. I want the whole thing. 

Hmmm …. Ok, let me finish it first and then I’ll send it to you wherever you are. 

So – a race against time, to finish this before I leave the Comgo …