Black on White on Black

I had an inspiration last week, while looking for more drawing pens at Michaels (arts and crafts store).

I saw black drawing paper … ideas came to mind … so I picked it up and went looking for white ink pens.  I found them over at the scrapbooks section, and bought two different types/brands.  One was a Manger opaque white, and the other the Sakura Gelli pen.  Here’s what I came up with:


I started to fill in the spaces with the white, but didn’t like the effect.  I’m leaving this as it is – I’ll probably do another version later.  It’s harder to cover up mistakes with white pens, I find.  It doesn’t translate to the same shading effect as when I am using black ink.

Also, I didn’t like working with the opaque white pens – as you can see, blobs of ink would come out, or else there was no ink coming out, and then I would have to retrace the lines.  The Sakura Gelli pen works so much better for me.  I’ll have to look for more of those … do they come in different point sizes?  hmmm …


Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots – Eight Generations

I’m on a roll here … the Weekly Writing Challenge now.  Digging for roots.  Who am I.  Where I came from.  How I am related to others.  Ancestors and ancestries …

Tracing family roots is an on again off again project.  My father is one of fifteen siblings – seven from his natural mother, eight from his step-mother.  My mother is one of ten siblings.  I only have two siblings, and when I was younger, I would often think of how it would be like to have more than three of us running around.

I don’t exactly know when I started to get interested in tracing the family roots.  Perhaps it was because my father would make a comment every now and then about something that reminded him of the past … but then would not elaborate. So as the years went on, I would try to collect all the little bits and pieces that he would talk about … which again was not much.  And so the project lay dormant, until the next comment that would revive it.

I made a great breakthrough about four years ago.  *sigh* Not much progress since then, and the blog that I had started to document this journey is also sadly dormant.  I need to squeeze this in to the remaining minutes of my day to work on it as well.  Anyway, I obtained a copy of a handwritten family tree from my aunt, who in turn had been given the document during a business trip to the ‘ancestral’ town.  Not sure exactly how it happened, but it seems that upon hearing her maiden name was Feliciano, a distant-distant relative came up and gave her the document – ten wonderful handwritten pages of the Feliciano family tree, of which I got a copy.

OCD that I am, I mapped and charted out the document … and now I know that I am the seventh generation, and my children are the eighth generation of what seemed to be the founders of the town.  And not just any founders … they were the stuff that urban legends are made of … they were famously killed by a couple of crocodiles.  And not just any regular crocodiles either .. the crocodile couple actually had names too!

Wow.  Can’t get any better than that.   I really must get back to researching this family tree …

Excerpt from PalawanFeliciano: The Beginning -


Photography 101: Glass – From the Outside Looking In

Today’s photo101 subject caught my eye … glass.  And I had a photo for it.  I know I know … these topics are supposed to encourage us to improve photo-taking skills, not to go through archives for one that fits the topic.  But I’m going to forget to take a photo if I don’t do it now.  So … here’s me in a self-portrait … from the outside looking in.  These are all reflections, on the glass.


I was walking around the balcony of a hotel in Nagarkot, Nepal, and came back to my room.  Noticing the curtains were drawn and that I could look in, I decided to take a self-portrait with my reflection in the mirror.  Well … it didn’t turn out as I thought it would.  I fiddled with the settings some more, but still couldn’t get a good photo of me in the mirror.

But I like this accidental shot better.  There’s layers within the image … layers in the meanings … in layers of glass.



Spring in Autumn

The calendar may say autumn/fall … but it’s a balmy spring-like 60 degrees here now.


But not to worry … we go from spring to winter overnight, with forecasts of rain turning into snow and another drop in temperatures.  *sigh*  I can’t keep up with this weather …

For the Birds

I’m on a bird roll …

This is the progress on the dove.  Not sure whether to add more to the tails and the wings, so I’m going to sit and stare at it for a bit.


In the meantime, there was something about the graceful curve of the feathers and wings that I wanted to fill in, so I started on the hummingbird too … And as I was working on the wings, another idea came to mind as I finished it … maybe I’ll use that for the other set of wings.  It doesn’t have to be the same design on both sides, right? hmmm … the OCD in me says that it has to be the same design on both sides … we’ll see …


… and the eagle.  I’ve already messed up on the bottom part, but I really like the neck part, so I don’t know if I should just start all over again, or just work the bottom part into the overall design.


A tad obsessed, do you think?  I’ve got the other templates printed and lined up …