Helping Clean Up …

Why is this every child’s goal?

While backing up hard drives and folders, I came across this old photo … Me cleaning up after the cake batter was in the oven. I forget who took this shot, maybe hubby. But there was the Little Helper, doing his best to help with the clean-up. Even now, bigger and taller than me, he will offer to help clean up the bowl and whatever else came in contact with the batter.

Is it really every child’s goal to lick that bowl clean of the batter and cake mix? I do think it is, and I do remember doing this myself, when baking with my mother. Maybe it’s just because it’s something sweet, and it is something to eat, even if it has to bake first.

Or maybe it is just so they can say that they helped Mommy bake a cake …

What do you think about this?

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