Back to my Old Stomping Grounds

I rounded the corner in the mall and I saw … a bookstore ?! Yes, a real bookstore !!

Where many many moons ago, I would spend any free hours I had, slowly walking from aisle to the next aisle, scanning each shelf for a name or a title that might catch my eye, opening the book and smelling that book smell as I fan the pages and coming to a stop on any page and start reading …

I was glad to see that real books are still being sold.  Yes, the e-versions are so much more lighter to carry around 😉  But I still look for the smell of the paper and the weight of a real book in my hands.

We were cooling off in the mall, and came across a big Amazon sign up on the wall … a real Amazon bookstore??  Yes, I vaguely remembered reading something about it somewhere … So, of course I had to go in and browse!

This generation’s comics have really come a long way, hasn’t it?  I remembered thin 20-30 page comics – not a book, more like a magazine.  These ones now are hard-cover and bigger!  I almost bought one, just to see what reading a comic book is like now, until I saw the price, and got sticker shock!

Journals … I was pleasantly surprised when I found this on the shelf.  They still make 5-year diaries?  Really?  Well, they call it a memory book, and one line a day only, so I guess only the most memorable event is going to be noted down.

I actually found my 5-yr diary recently, and spent an hour flipping through it to read about my days as a high-schooler in Nigeria … Was I really like that?  Did I really think like that?  I feel so old now, speciallly after I found the graduation day entry (which coincided with Tin’s recent grad date, but was moved to an earlier date, can’t remember why now).

List … hmmm, we all know who we are.  Making a list of lists, of whatever.  I was tempted to get this, but didn’t.  But maybe I should, so I can make lists of something else other than groceries and back-to-school supplies and bills …

Self-discovery … I looked through some of the questions, and it does make you stop and think for a moment on how or what to answer.  These days, I find that we’re quick to come up with a generic answer, but if we’re really honest with ourselves, our answers to some of the questions asked will be outside the norm.  At least for me – I find that my answers are more often than not a bit odd for others, and I get some odd looks, like a ‘She’s weird’ look 🙂

The trip is not complete if I didn’t walk out of the store with a new book, or at least found another book to add to the TBR list and pile.

This bookcover caught my eye … and the author’s name too.  And yes, she is Nigerian, and the setting is in Nigeria.  No, I didn’t buy this one … but I did buy the audible version, and currently listening to it.  It’s ok, so far.  I was expecting more, and only realized after that this is a YA book. I guess I was expecting some heavier reading, given the content of magic powers and struggles.

And look!  A book about wool !  Well, not exactly.  The chapter titles have a reference to wool and knitting.  Perhaps the story has some reference to the fiber arts and crafts.  From the bits I read, this seems to be a little on the dark side.  Will have to look into this a bit more …

The boys were outside, calling.  Time to go.  And that’s my 40-minute walk around a real bookstore.

I should do this more often …

What do you think about this?

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