Summer arrives early …

… and people want the cold and winter back.
Maybe because the temperature went 40 degrees up the scale, to triple digits, and so the difference was really felt. But everybody was gasping in the hot sun.

Poor Justin had a soccer game this morning, and by the second half was already exhausted. Parents ran on to the field at every chance, to pour water on the kids’ heads and for a quick sip to stay dehydrated.
On the sidelines, parents opened up umbrellas and took off shirts (well, the guys, anyway).
The air-conditioner was on almost all day (I do not want to see that gas bill this month or next).

This heat wave will last the weekend, and hopefully we’ll get to more seasonal temperatures next week.
But I also remember a June evening just three years ago, sitting on the bleachers watching a Little League/Babe Ruth game, and I had to take out the blanket to wrap everybody and keep warm.

How things change in such a short time …

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