Well, Hello There …

It’s been a while.

I’m still around, although my head and my brain hasn’t been.  It’s been an annus horribilis, to borrow a quote from Queen Elizabeth II from some years back.

Things have not been right with the world.  It’s not just the hectic, chaotic, missed deadlines frenzy that everyday life throws at us.  That, we somehow manage to handle, deal with it, move on.

It’s when we’re thrown for a loop that everything crashes.  It sounds so cliche, and until it happens to you, it’s just a phrase that you hear and read about, and sometimes dismiss.  But when you’re living in that loop that’s thrown at you, your world really crashes down on you.

There were no physical injuries, no, nothing as traumatic as that, and we’ve fixed and patched things up as best we could, and gone on with life.  But mentally, I’m not settled.  The constant worry that things will blow up again, the constant watchfulness, and things may have settled down into a routine again … But I’m not settled.

“This too shall pass”,  I remind myself regularly.  Things will get better, of course.  I’ll just settle myself down, and start writing again.

Hope you’re all having a good summer.





Seeing Orange

via Daily Prompt: Orange

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Post about orange?

Let’s see … Of course, there’s always the brilliant orange hues of fall and autumn …


And last year, I had posted about orange, because I was seeing orange everywhere I looked that day.


I don’t usually think of orange when choosing colours for knit and crochet projects, unless it’s a variegated yarn with orange in it, or I use it as an accent colour.

And Mother Nature provides enough orange beauty around us …


And that’s my orange-y post.




This is how far I’ve gotten with this doodle … not much done since then.  I tried to get some doodles done to settle my mind, but it didn’t work this time.  So this is as far as I got on this.

So much going on and late nights the past couple of weeks.  The in-laws were over for several weeks, and even though they’re family, routines and timetables changes.  Oh, not to mention that my PC was in the guest bedroom, so I couldn’t stay up late working on it, could I?  🙂  Well – they’ve left.  So I can work on it again!!   And I’m sleeping in late tomorrow … no extra guests to see to 🙂

Good weekend, all !



Caura River: Dwarfed by Bamboo Trees

Park #1 looked like there were more things to see, so we got out of the car to walk around.  It was still drizzling every now and then, so I was dodging the raindrops as best I can.  The boys went exploring …


There were these huge, tall bamboo trees here …


… really huge …



Too bad it was raining too much that day.  I would have enjoyed walking around more.




Caura River: Abandoned Building

We drove back towards Parks 1 and 2 to see what it was like.

It was still raining, so we just drove through Park 2 and didn’t get out of the car to walk around.

This abandoned building was by the entrance.



A little history lesson …


Not much else to see there, so we drove on to Park 1.


Caura River 

“Come, let’s take a drive down to the Caura River,” hubby tells me.

Even though I’d been down to Trinidad and Tobago several times, there were still places and attractions (like the Pitch Lake – ‘the biggest and only pitch lake in the world’, they boast) that I haven’t been to.

It was raining every now and then, sometimes gentle showers, sometimes pouring rain.  But the boys were getting restless inside the house.

So we went driving towards the river – on winding roads that got narrower, and uphill, with sharp turns and s-turns …


Thankfully, we didn’t meet many vehicles from the opposite direction … and the ones we did meet were cars, so we would just drive to the edge of the road as much as we can, with just enough room to let one another pass.


The clouds were low over the mountains.  I thought it would be cold, but surprisingly, it wasn’t.


They told us there were three parks along the river.  They had cleared up the land along the river and fixed it up with picnic tables, for those weekend ‘river limes’, or just somewhere to sit and relax.



We decided that we would go to the last one first, and then stop off at the other two on the way back.  And met up with this … the end of the road …


Well … so much for the third park!  Maybe they didn’t finish clearing up yet to make the third park … Nothing to do but turn back 🙂