Lights out …

After this pre-summer heat wave, the lightning and thunder storms with strong winds came in. Trees and branches fell and knocked out power lines. The lightning and thunder show seemed like it was going on above our roof. The lightning flashes and rumble and grumbles came one after another, on top of each other.

About twenty minutes later, it all stopped and quieted down. And all around us was dark, and up and down the street. A few came out of the houses, and looked around. We thought the power was going to come up again, but when we fell asleep, the power was still out.

It was still out when we woke up in the morning. This was serious; power outages never took so long before. Charles went out and bought a generator, for the freezer and the refrigerator.

We heard later that trees brought down the power lines in some town, which affected our block (not the whole town!), and that it would take some days before power came back on. We thought school would be closed, but children started coming in; they didn’t have time to call parents to keep them home. They let them out early, by which time, the electric company had restored power to the neighbourhood. Life returned to normal.

And that was the end of that adventure.

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