One day to take-off …

Okay, I think I’m almost done packing.
The room is a mess; the hallway has the bags lined up; bits and pieces of weaned-out clothes and stuff hat we decide we don’t really need. I’m sure we can wean out a few more clothes from the bags. We never use all the clothes we pack, and we hit the laundry room sometime around the middle of stay, anyway.
Four suitcases, two carry-ons, maybe three. Sure hope we’re not over the weight limit. Or we pay the fee. Don’t know which one is worse.
Two vans to the airport tomorrow morning. That should be fun.
Just saw my outfit for travelling – need to iron the capris. Better start now, before it gets too late.
Then go over my list again.
And lock up the suitcases, before we start stuffing back in the odds and ends that were taken out already, and we think we might need again …

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