Rain in Aruba

It rained in Aruba today. Not just the usual 10-15 second showers that suddenly drop on you.
This was a torrential, stinging, windy downpour, that lasted for almost a half-hour.
We left early this morning, with sun shining, for DePalm Island, for a day of snorkeling, water park, beach.

It rained around 1 pm, then stopped. We thought that was it. An hour later, the dark clouds rolled in again, and this time the rains came down harder. We all scrambled for cover at the snack bar, and stayed there until the rains finished.
We decided to call it a day, and took the ferry boat back to the mainland. It was overcast for the rest of the day.

Hope it clears up for tomorrow. ATV rides through desert and mountains is on the schedule for tomorrow.

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