On the other side of the world …

I’m writing this from Kathmandu, Nepal.
Certainly a lot of things has happened since the last post.
Was asked by the office if I could go for a short temporary assignment to our mission office in Nepal, to help out there. One month, maximum two, says my supervisor.
Of course, I jumped at the chance. Must confess that the first tw weeks, I wasn’t thinking about the work that needed to be dones here. Was reading tourist guides, country guides, etc., planning out the sight-seeing tours, visiting a temple or two, elephant rides, trekking up to Base Camp Mt. Everest. Hubby says I won’t have time to do anything – I was going there to work.
Of course I’ll be working, and probably putting in some late nights. But I’m not missing this opportunity to see the country. I’ll make time for this, no worry.
I’ve set up a separate blog for this. Visit it: http://NamasteFromNepal.blogspot.com

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