A new year again …

Okay, so it’s already several weeks into the new year.  Haven’t sat down long enough to put everything together for this.  Even my Nepal blog has been on hold, waiting to be updated with the happenings of the last days out there.  The mood comes and goes … I’m not anywhere near a computer when I’m in the mood, or else there’s some other priority that needs to be done first, so can’t sit down to blog.  Oh well …. 

We dropped off Christopher back to school today, after the winter break.  A snowy and overcast day, although thankfully we didn’t get any snow during the drive to and back from the school.  Justin is missing the big brother again, and has shed a few tears before falling asleep.  He didn’t want to say goodbye again, when we were leaving the dorm.  They were sending each other text messages all night, I thought that would have settled Justin about being alone in the room again.  I guess not …. 

New year resolutions again …. 
… finish off a project in progress, before buying more yarn for the stash.  We’re almost keeping up with this one.  Since I ‘officially’ joined organized charity groups, there’s more purpose to my crocheting now.  Primarily hats for newborns, children, and the troops.  Well, it started when I joined Freecycle.org and read a posting for hats for a class of children in a needy area.  So I crocheted a batch of hats for that one, and then went on to look at other groups.  I had browsed through those group sites before, but had not really joined any.  Now, I’ve joined three at once, so that should keep me busy. 
… be more organized.  ha!  The mood comes and goes … we’ll start with a corner, and take it from there. 
… lose the belly fat.  ha and ha!  I’m keeping within the weight range.  It’s the belly fat that has to go, and I can’t get into the mood for the exercising for that.   This will take a lot of working on, if I want this belly fat gone by summer.  Should throw in too that should cut out the procrastinating … 
… be more motivated for work.  triple-ha! on that.  I have to find something to keep me going for work, but that’s proving harder than losing the belly fat.  I’d much rather be working on the blogs, photobooks, crocheting … 
… finish up the photobooks.  I have another one to do, with the Nepal trip, so should finish off the Aruba photobook, and redo the World Cup Germany 2006 one.  

Finally installed the Flip Video on the Mac.  Oh yes!!  What I got for Christmas!  an iMac!!  Didn’t really need one or a new PC, but because I was gushing about it so much after playing around with it in the business lounge in the Abu Dhabi airport, Charles got it for Christmas.  The graphics and resolution on this is really good.  It really makes my photos look professional.  Well, I think so.  Don’t know what the professionals will say, if they see my photos.  But anyway, it’s really good.  The downside … having to take classes, to get used to using the Mac.  And since we still use Windows for work, this is really going to be confusing. 
Oh well … 

Okay, maybe I should turn in and go to bed.  There is work tomorrow, and I was already out for three days last week.  Not a good way to start the new year at work … see?  that’s where motivation has to come in. 

Changed the title of this blog again.  Don’t know when I’ll be satisfied with a title that explains and defines what I want this blog to be.  Maybe another new year resolution … be more decisive, and stop waffling about things like this.  
A lot to think about, on the drawing board … 

What do you think about this?

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