The 365 Project

So … I’d been thinking over the years about doing this 365-project.  You know, the one where you take a photo a day and blog about it.  I just thought the other day … why a blog a day?  I know that I won’t remember to take a photo a day, or might not have time to post and blog about it.  So, instead of a photo a day, why not 365 photos of one theme?

And after a bit of thinking, I’ve decided on … 365 trees!

While driving around, I’m always watching the trees speed by.  Once in a while I’ll see one with an interesting display of leaves and branches, or the patterns of the branches, and wish that I could stop the car and take a picture.   Looking through my photos, I see that I’ve been taking photos of trees to start off the project.  I had actually used one in an earlier post!  That can be Tree number 1.

This is Tree 2.

What do you think about this?

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