You Looking At Me?

That’s what I think he’s asking me, as I stood there and took pictures of him.

His name is Gucci, he’s 30 years old, and he’s a hyacinth macaw.   He lives in an exotic bird store that we passed by on our drive to the soccer game last weekend.  My husband is the bird lover – he had a blue and gold macaw and an orange-naped Amazon back home.  Plus countless other birds, big and small.  So we had to stop and take a look inside.

There were other birds in the store, but they were inside cages.  I tried to take pictures of them, but they didn’t come out too good.  Gucci was the only one outside on a perch, so even though he didn’t sit still long enough, I still got some decent shots of him.

Out of all the birds that my husband has introduced me to, this is my favorite.  I just love that deep blue-almost purple color.  He’s a pretty bird, isn’t he.

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        1. This is a young one we have, so he? she? is just starting to talk. We had another one, Simba, who talked up a storm – he would carry on conversations in different voices, like my husband and me having a conversation. Unfortunately, we came home one day and he was on the floor of the cage. We don’t know how/what/why – if he choked on a seed, or got bitten by an insect, or something else 😦

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