Old Town San Diego

Suitably fed and refreshed, we made our way to Old Town San Diego.   

Upon exiting the freeway (not the highway, I am reminded),  we sort of stumbled on the right road to get there after a couple of turns.  Luckily, we found parking just across from their ‘main street’.

I was told that there had been a lot of work and improvement in Old Town.  It had been cleaned up and there were more stalls and shops.

There weren’t too many people walking around – maybe it was because it was the middle of the afternoon.  Even my companions were fading fast, probably thinking that they could have been home and taking a siesta, instead of in Old Town.

I sit my uncle in front of this drinks stall – maybe he’ll have a drink and cool down, while I walk around.

I pop inside what looks to be the main general souvenir store and was greeted with this.   Funny, but a bit macabre.   Looking around, I saw other items along the lines of skull bracelets, skull heads on walking canes, skull sculptures, etc.  It reminded me of New Orleans.  I didn’t know Old Town also had these in their folk-lore?  Will have to read up on that.

Happily, on the other side of the store, there were other more colourful items for sale.



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