A Free Weekend

We had a rare weekend with no soccer games, practice, major errands – and nice weather!  And so we took the opportunity and went to Harriman and Bear Mountain State Park.  It had been a while since we were last there, and we took the scenic route in, driving past lakes on winding roads.

Arriving at Bear Mountain itself, the boys re-discovered the park.  And this time, we walked farther inside than usual.

There was the picnic area, with new grills set up.
Yes, the grill is behind, and the eyes are chimneys 🙂

The boat and paddle boat rides were still there, as well as the bicycle rentals.  There were some people fishing in the lake (although I don’t know if they caught any fish at all).

The zoo had been updated, and cleaned up, with the main attraction – the bears – still in their usual enclosure.  I didn’t like that the vultures were inside the enclosure – I don’t know why.  To eat the remains of the bear’s dinner?  Either way, it was creepy that they were just there, and up on the surrounding trees.

There was a colonial cooking demonstration, as well as musket-firing.  The boys liked that, and even posed with the musket man.  We had a taste of the colonial cooking – turkey, wild rice, and carrots – and it tasted good.

The boys are already planning their next trip there, complete with hiking books and backpacks, to tackle one of the hiking trails up the mountain, on the other side of the lake.

When that will be remains to be seen ….

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