Versatile Blogger Award

Truly honoured to be nominated by Curls and Q for this award!

There are so many other interesting blogs out there, so to be awarded this is really appreciated.
I’ve been blogging on and off over the years, but this is the first time I’m working on it regularly (I should have done it sooner!)

According to the VBA Rules, here are the next steps:

  1. Add the award to your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you
  3. Mention 7 random things about yourself
  4. List the rules
  5. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers
  6. Inform the 15 bloggers by commenting on their blogs

1.   done

2.   Again, a big thank you to Curls and Q

3.   7 random things about myself – I’ve been stuck on this!  Anyway, here goes ….

– I can write backwards (mirror writing) … and in cursive too;
– I like handwriting, and practise my calligraphy in my journals – and sometimes in the office meeting minutes too 🙂
– I like to read thick books, and have a list of books with 1,000 or more pages;  someday I’ll start on one, maybe ‘War and Peace’, since I have that already;
– I have stage-fright;
– I love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee, coffee ice cream, mocha cake … but I don’t drink coffee!  It’s tea for me;
– I’m a TCK – Third Culture Kid … I was born in the Philippines, but  grew up in West Africa;
– I use a different colour pen everyday (and my handbag has at least 2-5 different pens in it!)

4.   done

5.   And the award goes to  …. so many to choose from, and all deserving …  I’ll start with these, and add them as I find them 🙂

Fanm Pou Fanm:  The Haiti Crochet Project
Just Fletcher
The Order Expert
Clever Catastrophe
Aja’s Northwest Life
Donna on Palawan

6.  Off to inform the bloggers !

Thank you all again !


    1. Thanks. I forgot to mention as well that I’ve traced my great-grandparents six generations back. I’ve started a blog on that too (Eight Generations link), but don’t know how to continue with that yet.

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