The Sketchbook Project

Calling all artists, writer, sketchers, doodlers, photographers, painters, travelers, creative brains ….

Which side of the brain are you?

The 2013 Sketchbook Project is now open for registration.

If you haven’t heard of this, it’s an international art project sponsored by Art House Co-op, based in Brooklyn, New York.  Anybody can participate, at any level of artistry and creativity.  At the end of it all, the completed books are taken on a tour worldwide.  The 2012 tour is ongoing now.   They just left Oakland, CA.  They’ll be in Lynn, MA from July 6-8.

Here’s an excerpt from their FAQs, which explains their project so much better than what I’ve come up with these past few minutes:

The Sketchbook Project is a worldwide creative experience. Together, thousands of regular people from around the world will form a traveling library of handmade books.

Their theme categories for this year are:

  •  Travelogue
  •  Memoir
  •  Narrative
  •  Atlas
  •  Almanac
  •  Chronicle
  •  Sketchbook
  •  Chapbook
  •  Documentation
  •  Photo Log

I’m undecided as to which category I should sign up for.   No extended travels for me this year, else I would like to do the travelogue.  Memoirs … hmmm… nothing memorable, to fill up a book.  I have a great subject for a photo log (a man who sets up an exhibition of sorts on the side of the highway, and changes the theme and the displays every week or so; I could take his picture each time we pass by him, but hubby says he’ll probably sue me or charge me for taking his picture or something; since he has boxing gloves on and shadow-boxes in the background sometimes, maybe hubby is right).

Anyway, go check out their site and see what inspires you.  You have until January 15th, 2013 to create.

Which theme will you choose?

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    1. LOL I also joined two years ago, but didn’t submit it. I’m joining again this year; don’t know which category yet. And maybe next year I’ll submit it before I lose my nerve again!

      1. I also forwarded past year notices to my b-i-l who is an architect and great sketcher. He hasn’t submitted either! 😎 If you do submit please let me know so I can see it! 😎

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