Tournaments and Projects

I’m back … for a quick note.

This week turned out to be hectic and tiring.  After our weekend soccer tournament in 100+ degree weather, I thought I would be able to recover a bit before this weekend’s tournament.  No such luck, of course.  No rest for the wicked.

The boys have three soccer tournaments this month.  The first was the Poconos Cup last weekend.

They played well in the hot, humid, hundred-degree weather, and reached the finals.  And even though they fought hard, they fell short and lost 2-1.  No matter.  I applaud them for giving it 100% effort in the brutal weather.  I was drained, just standing along the sidelines!

This weekend is the Central Jersey Invitational.  The temperatures won’t be as hot – high 80’s – but still hot.

And I haven’t started on the scarf project for the Special Olympics yet.   After the initial letdown that the project had been concluded, a group of us decided we would try to continue it.  Well, don’t know how it happened, but it seems like I’m ending up as coordinator of this project.  I thought I would just set up the page and let the crafters discuss, but suddenly there’s correspondence and emails going back and forth, and I’m working on spreadsheets, and deciding colours …  Oh well, maybe only at the beginning.  Once it’s up and running, it’ll settle down.  As of today, we have eleven states participating, and 6,450 scarves to make by the end of the year …

In the meantime, I have to run to the yarn store tonight and get at least one colour combination for the scarf project, then go and marinate the ribs for tomorrow’s barbecue during the tournament …

Good weekend, all!




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