Still Flying High and a Change

Back in blog-land … slowly settling down again, but in two weeks, we’re going to be in a whirlwind of activity again.

Better results at the last tournament in Virginia this time.  After a slow start, the team picked up their game and won their division.  As you see, Justin was still flying high.   Hopefully he’s starting to see the overall picture of the game, and play a little more aggressively.  It’s been over a year since his cast came off (some little crack on his growth plate in the left knee), but he’s been playing tentatively and cautiously.  Or maybe he’s just a year older now, and he’s starting to understand the game.  Anyway, let him continue to fly … I just have to find a spot where I can be nearer to his position on the field for clearer pictures!

And as you may have noticed, I’ve changed the blog theme.  My eyes were looking for something lighter for the blog.  After several experiments, I think this is what I want.  Who knows; my eyes might want to see something else the next day.  That’s something that my older aunts/uncles keep telling me – there’s too many choices to make these days.    During their time, when they wanted to buy a car, it came in only so many colours, and with basic transmission and features.  Now, there’s every shade of colour, plus all the extra features, buttons and gadgets that you can add on … yep, it was simpler back then.  I’m finding now that I don’t need so much of these gadgets,and while the smart phones are nice to check on emails and play games while waiting for the bus, I don’t use half the features that come with it.  As my sons tell me, ‘It’s too much phone for you, Mom.’  And I think I’m still tired, because I don’t know what I’m writing about or where I want to go with this, and I’m just rambling now.  later, all.



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