Eau de Bug Spray

I’ve been trying forever to to connect and post – all in the same session – for the past couple weeks. Internet connection here in Timor-Leste is a hit and miss – sometimes you’ll get clear and fast connections, sometimes you’ll have to wait a minute or two (okay, maybe only a minute)for a page to load.  Do you know how long a minute is, when you’re waiting in front of a screen?  I can actually get a few stitches done with my crochet/knit projects, while waiting for the screen to catch up with me.  Or waiting for the letters to appear on the screen to catch up with what I’m typing half a sentence later.  Anyway …

Here’s my new body spray for the whole time I’m here.  I’ve got three different ones, depending on wehther I’m just sitting around inside buildings or walking around in the forests or fields:

That’s because there’s a lot of these flying around me – they probably smell the new blood they want to taste: 



Yes, that’s a dead one.  I think that’s the anopheles mosquito, which gives you malaria.  But a lot more people are afraid of the ones that give you dengue fever.  Don’t know what they look like, but no matter.  We make sure they’re all dead if they come within arm’s length of us.  Not that I’ve killed any, by trying to get them.  I usually just smack my hands together and come up with nothing. 

More adventures in Timor-Leste will be posted, as and when the internet gods are behaving. 





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